10 Ways A Woman Can Lock Down Her Dating Game


In the dysfunctional jungle of modern dating, it’s important for a woman to lock her skills down. She must come across as cool, calm and collected while simultaneously being confident and charismatic.

It’s a challenge with which most people struggle, however there are several tricks and tips one can employ to help get there.

Dating can be frustrating and stressful, but with some reflection, you’ll be able to get your dating game up to par. Check out the following 10 tips to be the most charming date possible:

1. Regardless of how nervous you may be, do not — I repeat do not — have more than one drink before your plans.

Your date will understand, and probably empathize with your nervousness, but probably won’t appreciate if you’re wasted before the date even starts.

2. Don’t meet at a bar unless it’s before 8 pm.

It’s great to stay casual, but not so casual that you both begin taking body shots.

3. Don’t make future plans while you’re hammered.

You likely won't realize what you actually want to do moving forward given your current state of mind.

4. Don’t follow your date on any social media platform directly before or after the date.

In fact, try to hold out until your date makes the first social media move.

5. Don’t text too much before your date.

Make your plans and express excitement, but save the banter for the actual date.

6. Let your date choose the venue or restaurant.

Give him or her a chance to communicate preferences before you share yours.

7. Offer to pay but expect your date to buy everything.

If your date buys dinner, buy a round of drinks afterward. This will communicate your appreciation for the generosity and show that you’re always up to reciprocate.

8. Limit your drink intake before the date and stick to your plan.

This may sound boring, but your date needs time to learn about the true you. By doing this, you take control of your actions.

9. Don’t talk throughout the entire date.

It’s easy to speak a lot, especially if you’re nervous and trying to fill the awkward silences in the conversation. But, don’t forget to ask your date questions. Keep in mind that people love the opportunity to be heard and understood.

10. Be proud of who you are.

After all, people love to be around confident, charismatic, happy people. Even if things aren’t progressing perfectly, make the best of the opportunity to meet someone new and spark a new relationship.

Top Photo Courtesy: Screenrant