Clash Of The Rams: What Happens When Two Aries End Up In A Fiery Relationship

Jovo Jovanovic

I would like to put it out there that I always feel like this is the best time of year. And by this, I mean the time in which we celebrate the Aries individual.

My opinion could very well be biased, seeing as I'm an Aries myself. I love to celebrate my birthday to no end, and a few of my closest friends are also Aries.

Each Aries is vastly different from the next one you meet, and I've learned to appreciate the different types of Aries people. But this year, I did something I've never done before: I dated one.

In the Aries world, this type of same-sign dating is frequently frowned upon solely due to the fact that this relationship ends one of two ways: We either love each other so deeply that Nicholas Sparks decides to write a novel based on us, or we almost kill each other.

In my experience, this has fortunately gone the positive route, but I am well aware of the dangers of dating someone of my same fiery sign. Here are a few things I've learned so far about dating another Aries:

1. The sex is amazing.

Seriously, guys. I felt like I had to mention this first just because it's so darn true. When two Aries make sweet love (or just your average, raw, table-breaking session), there's passion oozing from the walls.

Our sign is already passionate about everything to begin with, so we put in the work when it comes to the bedroom (or table). We take our time, we make sure our partner is happy and most importantly, we cuddle the sh*t out of our partner afterward.

2. We're fiercely loyal to one another.

Loyalty is huge for an Aries. Whether it's a friend or a romantic partner, we always have the person's back. Cheating is never an option because Aries don't like to waste their time. If the relationship is done (even if just one of us is over it), trust the fact that we'll be honest about it and let the other one know.

We also stay loyal when times get tough. When tragedy strikes, we don't go running for the hills. We'll stay by each other's side until the storm passes. Ride or die rings true for two Aries in love.

3. We both want the last word.

When my boyfriend and I fight (which is rare), the battle of who's going to have the final say is an issue. We're both stubborn as hell and think we're always right. They key is knowing when it's more important to love than to fight.

Aries people are strong-willed and never give up on anything in life, so deciding to retreat in a fight is hard. However, our love for our partners can be so strong that it's just what we need to humble our fiery Aries attitude.

4. We're brutally honest.

My friends always tell me I'm too honest. Sometimes the things I say are just not what other people want to hear. In my opinion, if you can't be honest, then you should say nothing at all. I apply this to my relationship every day.

Thankfully, since my boyfriend is an Aries himself, he agrees with me on this point. We are 100 percent honest with each other at all times. It's more than just telling me I actually do look fat in that dress; it's a deeper meaning of honesty that two people need to have with each other.

We just don't lie; it's that simple. I never lie about where I am, whom I'm with or what I'm doing because I have faith that he will be honest with me about those things as well.

5. We trust each other.

Aries put all of their trust into their partners, and we're a trusting sign altogether. We'll take your secrets to the grave, we always defend the people we love and we expect the same in return.

So, if you cross us or hurt someone we love, chances are, you'll be blacklisted forever. As someone who had trust issues in the past, I learned if you don't trust your partner, you have nothing. No amount of love is enough to fix that.

In conclusion, even if you're not an Aries, go out and find yourself one because we're awesome.