People Are Tweeting Bad Reasons To Stay Together & You're Lying If You Haven't Considered These

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One time, a friend of mine really needed to break up with her boyfriend. And when I say really, I mean really. Even though the relationship was short-lived, its expiration date had long passed. Seriously, it was like milk curdling in the fridge. There were fruit flies. It was Not Pretty. But still, no matter how many times we talked about the fact that she knew they needed to break up, she always found more sh*tty reasons to stay with this joke. And it seems she's not alone. These tweets about bad reasons to stay together prove that literally everyone on Twitter has been there before.

I mean, yeah, I get it. It's like, ugh, this person really sucks, but they always pay for my Seamless. And if we break up, that means I have to pay for my Seamless, and that's literally so much Seamless for me to pay for. For a brief few seconds, I see the appeal. But then, I remind myself, "Hey, this person sucks, they're high-key ruining your life, and maybe you should, like, eat some fresh fruits and veggies occasionally." Then, I'm back on the breakup train and on my way to the grocery store.

Still, we've all been there when it comes to fabricating the worst possible reasons to stay with a sh*tty human, and if you say you haven't at least thought about some of the dumb reasons in these tweets, you're literally lying, and I don't know what else to tell you.

She's relentless!

Need that new apartment, yo.

You can just hope you don't die whenever you get sick?

How am I supposed to do nothing on the internet for 18 hours straight?


How good is this lasagna, and can you send me some?

Don't you dare hurt that doggo, or I'll end you.

Clearly, Netflix can make or break a relationship.

Mattresses are expensive!

Yes, they ruin my life, but also, they're the big spoon, so...

OK, yeah, I can't argue with this one. Grilled cheese is life.

Less bullsh*t or less traffic? You decide.

Gotta get those retweets, you guys!

Shots. F*cking. Fired.

And this is why we don't tattoo the names of people who are 1) alive and 2) dating us on our bodies, fam.

Say it louder for the people in the back!

What? You mean staying with some who is causing you great emotional and mental pain and anguish out of fear of being alone is not a healthy coping mechanism? Wow, tell me more.

Halloween is right around the corner, you guys. I need someone's chest to bury my face into.

If ever there were a tweet definition of the phrase "too real," this one would be it.

OK, you guys, let's be serious for literally only 30 seconds because that's the best I can do. (Oops, is that bad?) Are any of these reasons to stay together actually decent? No. They're bad. That's why the hashtag is bad reasons to stay together. That's why they're funny. Follow me?

That said, please know that if you're in a relationship that you don't like, that's not making you happy, or that's causing you any sort of emotional, mental, or physical distress, there usually isn't ever a "good" reason to stay together. Prioritize your damn self and your damn happiness, and let's all run off into the sunset together and eat pizza like whole, complete, happy individuals.

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