21 Depressing But Hilarious 4-Word Tweets About How Disappointing Dating Really Is

When I was younger, I constantly lamented over the fact that things "weren't fair" to my mom (mostly when I wanted to do some obnoxious thing that I wasn't supposed to do).

And rather than consoling me or giving in to whatever idiotic request I had, my mom would look me right in the eyes and say, "Life isn't fair."

Even though it wasn't what I wanted to hear at the time, it's the cold, hard, REAL AF truth I needed to hear. And it's probably what made me grow into an adult who shoves any emotion far away in the back of my brain — thanks, mom!!!

So now, I'm here to tell you guys the same thing: Life — dating specifically — isn't fair.

In fact, dating is usually just a series of crushing disappointments until one person comes along who doesn't infinitely suck and makes you forget about everything else.

~How romantic.~

It seems Twitter users are also very much aware of the utter difficulties we encounter in the dating realm, and they've taken to the hashtag #4WordLetDowns to voice their frustrations:

Rejection stings harder than 87 goddamn wasps.

Yes, we can absolutely just be friends. Just let me finish crying alone in my room to sad songs and questioning my entire existence first.

GREAT, what else do you want to throw at me, life??

Look, sex requires a lot of prep work, OK?

"OH, sorry, what's happening? Have we started ~the sex~ yet?"

As if dating wasn't hard enough, I have to worry about catfishing now, too? I BLAME YOU, NEV SHULMAN.

With great power comes great responsibility, my guy.

Well, I guess we can just sit here, cuddle and talk about our feelings until something happens.

DAMN, shots fired.

Well, does it????

If I wanted friendship, I would've braided your hair and bought you a damn friendship bracelet.

You had ONE JOB.

Petition to remove this phrase from the let-down category.

She said it, not me.

The ~drama~ is just too much sometimes.


It's fine. I didn't need you to remember the start of the powerful love we share or anything. I'M FINE.

Wow, thanks for indirectly telling me I look like shit every other time except this time.

Pornhub's really gonna come out of nowhere like that.

...about how much we love each other, right???

An authentic, never-before-seen GIF of me in the shower after any minor inconvenience in dating.

If you're wondering when dating is ever going to get easier, don't hold your breath, friends.

Dating isn't fair, but at least we have Twitter to show us we're not alone in sobbing in the shower.