4 Ways Traveling After A Breakup Turns Bad Energy Into A Good Experience

By Gigi Engle

There is nothing quite as painful as getting your heart broken.

Breakups are extremely difficult.

Anyone who has experienced the anxiety and general misery that come with the end of a relationship will agree.

It’s a tough time we all go through at one point or another.

While it may seem overwhelming, not every outcome of a bad breakup needs to be negative. There are ways you can use that raw emotional energy to your benefit.

You can harness it, master it and use it to grow.

A positive way to do so is to take all of that condensed anger and sadness and redirect it toward a better future.

The best thing you can possibly do for yourself is to pick up your passport, pack a duffel bag and go travel. The easiest way to get over something is to get away from it all, get some perspective and figure out you can be OK on your own.

With T-Mobile’s Simple Global, you're covered to make travel simple. You don’t have to be afraid when you have all the resources you need at hand.

Invest your anxieties into making a cure for your broken heart. Go and conquer the world and you’ll know you can conquer anything.

Here are four reasons you should travel after a breakup:

Because travel is the ultimate catharsis.

There is nothing more spiritually cathartic than picking up your life and going to a place where no one knows your name. There is a kind of therapy that comes from being forced out of your comfort zone.

Your broken heart can heal while immersing yourself in a culture new and foreign to you. It’s as if you’re finding love all over again.

When you’re far from home, you’re relieved of those painful memories that surrounded you. You’re free in a whole new kind of way.

Because you can stay connected with the people who matter most.

When you are a stranger in a strange land, it’s important to have the means to connect with the people back home who matter most. You’ll need to set yourself up with the best data plan available.

With T-Mobile, you can roam -- for free! -- without working Wi-Fi and you can easily make Wi-Fi calls once you're safely back in your hostel.

Because you’ll learn about yourself.

Taking a leap of faith by planning a sporadic trip will teach you more about yourself than any silly boyfriend or girlfriend ever could. You’re forced to rely completely on yourself and trust your intuition to get you from place to place, from experience to experience.

The memories you make with yourself are yours to keep and will never come with any regrets. You’ll learn valuable lessons and truly understand what you’re capable of. An adventure is food for the soul.

Because passports are more reliable than relationships.

The thing about relationships is they can end and leave you damaged and battered. Your passport will never let you down the way a boyfriend or girlfriend could.

It serves as your ticket to other worlds, to other cultures and to many life lessons.

The memories and friendships you acquire while traveling are worth a whole lifetime of empty romances.

Your passport is all you need to find a fulfilling and exciting life. Choose travel and leave your heartbreak behind.