The Nice Single Guy Hates Hearing These 10 Things

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Hey! Nice guys -- yeah you -- this list is yours. It's the top ten things we hate hearing or receiving. Period.

We have heard it so often and quite frankly we are sick of it. They don't help, they are a bunch of clichés and they make us feel dead inside.

A note to the general public: Learn from your mistakes and stop it.

1. "Aww You're So Sweet, I'm Surprised You're Single."

Thanks for the information. You could've stopped after sweet but you had to add single. Like being single is a bad thing sometimes? Now you've got us thinking there's something wrong with us. Thanks.

Nice guys: If this person is single and you happen to like them, immediately respond with, “Why don't you date me then?”

2. "They're Out There, You've Just Got To Stop Looking."

We have heard this way too many times! Hearing it is just nails on chalkboard. WE KNOW, we stopped looking, we probably just gave up while you were trying to make us feel better.

Nice guys: Just tell them you lost the map a while ago.

3. The No Reply/Radio Silence/Week-Later Response.

This just annoys anyone no matter what.

Nice guys: Forget them.

4. "Why Aren't There More Guys Like You?"

Why aren't we an option to you? We are literally right in front of your face and you want someone like us, but… but what? You know we would treat you right.

Nice guys: Make sure they know you are an option if you dig them.

5. "Can I Ask For A Favor?"

This one is a little problematic. We are fine with favors, we will most likely follow through with them. But if you constantly ask us then we are going to get annoyed. Stop trying to take advantage of us.

Nice guys: Just stop saying "yes." We are always there for people, but sometimes they've got to figure out their own garbage.

6. "Can You Set Me Up With Your Friend?"

If you know we like you, do not ask us to set you up with one of our friends. This just royally annoys us. We might do it, we might not. But thanks for letting us know we weren't an option… again.

Nice guys: Your call…

7. "Aww Man, You Got Friend-Zoned, Didn't You?"

This response usually comes from a close friend. First off, don't be that guy. Second off, anyone can get out of the friend zone.  Third, who knows what the other person is thinking? We could be totally in with a chance.

Nice guys: Punch 'em -- punch 'em right in the shoulder (only if it's another dude, obvs).

8. "You Don't Want Someone Like Me."

Don't tell us what we want. The heart wants what it wants, and if it picked you, then obviously we want to see where it leads.

Nice guys: Tell them you would absolutely want someone like them and list reasons. You can win them over, I believe in you.

9. "You Can't Be So Picky About Your Partner."

Society isn't really giving us a choice!

Why aren't we allowed the same rules as everyone else? We want what we want -- the whole world is picky.

Nice guys: Say, “Whatever, you're just as picky." They most likely are anyway.

10. "You Deserve Someone Nice."

THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME THIS, I WAS ACTUALLY HOPING FOR A GIANT DOUCHE THAT MAKES ME FEEL WORTHLESS. We know what we deserve, we know what we want, we aren't dumb -- we are just nice.

*End rant*

Nice guys: Just say "I know," to end that conversation because we already do know.

Well there you have it, folks -- read this list, read it twice, learn from it.