5 Things You Don’t Realize About The Girl You Only Describe As ‘Nice'

If you're a guy who is done spending his Friday nights swiping right on Tinder, and who has given up on the types of women he meets at the drunken "bar scene," you're probably reading this article and thinking, "I wish I knew an attractive, chill and nice girl."

I want you to know I totally hear you.

You want a woman who doesn't play games in relationships.

You want a woman who actually has your best interests at heart.

However, what you need to know is you have probably met a few "nice girls" before.

You just didn't pick up on it.

She's not the type of woman who would throw herself at you at a party.

She's confident in herself, and she has self-respect.

She also may not be the loudest woman in the room because she actually cares about listening to what you have to say.

The young woman with an old soul seems to perplex a lot of men.

The women who are "too nice" have the biggest hearts, but they are too often left single.

So for all of the men out there who are currently making an extra effort to give the "nice girl" a try, here are five things you absolutely need to know:

1. She's going to have some interesting hobbies.

The woman who is "too nice" is willing to do anything to help others.

This means her weekends are most likely not going to consist of being the woman with the least clothes on in the frat house.

You may not be used to a woman who is willing to help others in her spare time without getting paid.

Maybe she's a teacher, and she spends her nights helping kids after school.

Or maybe she's an animal lover, and she can't resist making frequent stops to the local shelter.

That doesn't mean this woman can't stop by the frat house and turn heads.

It just means she has her priorities in order.

2. If you have the courage to pursue her, she'll never let you down.

The woman who is "too nice" is hardly ever pursued by men.

Too often, men are intimidated by her.

They mistake her hesitance as being too quiet, uninterested or arrogant.

In reality, she's totally into you and is laughing at all your jokes.

This is the type of woman who can see beyond herself.

This type of woman wants to take part in all your hobbies (if you don't mind).

She listens when you need to vent or speak your mind.

She'll always be your number one cheerleader, and she finds great joy in taking on every opportunity to make you smile.

3. Don't even bother fighting with her.

I say this not because she's some Carrie Underwood wannabe who will take a "Louisville slugger to both headlights" of your car.

I say this because this woman truly sees no point in arguing with you.

Of course, you'll have disagreements. But the difference is, this woman would just rather discuss the issues and move on.

If you're ready for a screaming match, you'll surely be disappointed.

If you can't discuss the issue in a calm manner, she'll just walk away and find someone who can.

4. Be sensitive.

A nice woman will always give her all toward your relationship.

She will truly see you as her hero, so be sensitive to the fact that she gives you her 100 percent.

If you can't give this back to her, then you aren't ready for the type of relationship she needs.

Be sensitive to the fact that she hasn't been with tons of guys before.

She sees boys who are only interested in one-night stands as a waste of time.

Make her feel comfortable. Make her laugh.

You may need to spend some time breaking down her walls, but once you do this, you'll realize why it was worth the wait.

5. She'll change your life.

Being with a woman who sees the best in everyone is contagious.

She truly lives in the moment, and she will never bring you down.

Her intent is to never bring added stress into your life.

Her goal is to have you realize how amazing you really are.

Ladies, if a guy has ever told you you're "too nice," he's not ready for a woman like you yet.

Never feel guilty for having a personality that allows you to give more than you receive.

Guys, I urge you to give this whole "nice girl" thing a try. The little extra effort is worth a woman who brings you continuous positivity and spontaneity.