Everything You Need To Know About How Tinder Spambots Are Ruining Your Love Life


Having a substantial and sextless Tinder conversation is pretty difficult.

Usually, any dialogue between you and a new match will either drift into the void of mindless, back-and-forth banter, or it will quickly escalate to exchanging butthole pictures.

As if finding love wasn't hard enough, there's now more to worry about other than the average Joes and people who only want to see your tits on Tinder

Ladies and gentlemen, beware the Tinder spambots.

These automated messages are taking over our dating apps, giving us false hope with "You've got a match!" notifications on our phones before spewing out raunchy conversations filled with phone numbers, website links and broken dreams.

Spambots are here to mess with our heads, people, and it's important to be on the lookout for 'em.

Unfortunately, some people found themselves caught up in a Tinder spambot's web, and they shared their conversations for the world to see.

I guess you really can't trust anyone nowadays.

A cute girl messaging first is typically too good to be true.


Even the corn emoji won't stop a goddamn spambot.


There's nothing like singing to a fake woman on a Friday night.

No one is ever this eager to try anal.

Even paid Tinder accounts won't weed out the bad (or fake) seeds.

Prepare to be judged if you continue to talk with spambots after finding out they're not real.

If the spambot can't even appreciate Drake, what is she good for?


It seems love in the spam world only costs $1.


I think Jose is actually a picture of my friend Gab, and now, I'm confused.


The third spambot of the week is the charm, right, guys? RIGHT?!


Spambots have no chill... and they're EVERYWHERE.

Scour through all of them, and hopefully, one day, you'll find yourself a quality match who can speak with proper grammar and who will wait at least a few days before offering to sit on your face.

Wouldn't that be nice?