7 Pick Up Lines On Tinder For The Guy Who Was Clearly A College Athlete

by Alison Segel

Everyone has a type.

Some people like musicians. Some people like comedians. (Full disclosure: I like musicians and comedians.) Some people like bad boys, and others are "sapiosexuals" who are into guys they'll most likely find hanging out at the library.

And then, there are the people who are into athletes. Can you blame 'em, though? Athletes are strong. They have discipline. They're good teammates, and they know how to compromise. Plus, they look good when they're sweaty, and the competitive edge they have can be pretty hot.

So if athletes are your thing, and you come across one on a dating app, you're going to want to get their attention. But how?

Here are some pick up lines you can use if you're trying to turn that jock into a boyfriend, whether you personally know about sports or not.

2. "If I Were A Soccer Ball, Would You Kick It With Me?"


You are obviously not a soccer ball, but it's always good to start a Tinder message with a question, because it warrants a response back. It's also a light, casual, and fun way of asking for plans.

Just make sure this soccer player you match with isn't playing the field too hard. No one likes a womanizer.

2. "So, You're A Baseball Player? How 'Bout You Try To Hit On Me With All That Batting Practice?"

20th Century Fox/Fever Pitch

This pick up line starts off the conversation, but then, it immediately puts the ball in their court (haha, get it?) by leaving it up to them to start hitting on you and, hopefully, give you a compliment.

It's also good if you don't know a lot about sports, because the conversation doesn't have to stay on the topic of baseball.

3. "This Match Is A Home Run, Huh?"

Again, this is solid for you if you don't know a lot about sports, but you still want to get that athlete's attention.

Yes, it's super cheesy and dorky, but those kinds of openers can actually be super endearing amongst a slew of "hellos" and inauthentic, manufactured questions like "pizza or nachos?!"

Have some fun with it, and try come across cute.

4. "What's Your Favorite Team?"

This one's obvious, right?

But proceed with caution — if you don't know anything about sports, the conversation can't really go anywhere from here. That is, unless your response is "Oh cool, well, I don't really know anything about sports, so I don't know why I asked you that."

Honestly, though, that can also be a good conversation starter, because then he can ask you what you're into, which he should be doing anyway.

Remember, dating isn't all about him, right?

5. "Who Is Your Favorite [Insert Sport] Player?"

This pick up line is good if you know about the sport your match played and can also follow up with some banter about professional athletes who play in the same field.

If a guy knows you can shoot the sh*t about his favorite sport, he'll definitely try to lock in a date with you.

6. "Can I Get Your Jersey? Sorry, I Mean Your Name And Number?"

Thank you to the great people at a for this pickup line.

It is absolutely sooooo cheesy that it's bound to get your match's attention and warrant some sort of flirty response.

I mean, sometimes jokes are so bad, they're good.

7. "You Played [Insert Sport]? Cool! What Position Were You?"

After you send this one, you can immediately follow it up with "Any positions you'd like to get me in?" if you want to get extra flirty.

Sometimes, it's best to open with something funny. But other times, you can open up the conversation more earnestly and, if you know a thing or two about sports, actually start an authentic dialogue about your favorite teams or players.

Do you have a tactic that you like best? Sound off in the comments.