'Star Wars' Writer Sues Tinder Date After She Seeks Revenge 'Entourage'-Style

by Hope Schreiber

Oooh, boy. I guess one plus side of being unsuccessful with the fame of a rock is my former Tinder dates can never blackmail me.

Because who cares?!

You can literally tell everyone you know I, Hope Schreiber, once knocked over a number of outhouses one high-spirited summer night and the only response you will get is "Who?" and "Why are you telling me this?" and "Where did she find that many outhouses? Do you mean port-a-potties?"

That's not the case for Derek Connolly, whose writing credits include the upcoming "Star Wars: Episode IX," "Jurassic World," and "Kong: Skull Island."

TBH, I'm surprised not more women have sought revenge on Connolly. Did he write that Bryce Dallas Howard had to wear high heels the entire time she was running from dinosaurs?

It just isn't practical.

Last May, Connolly met a woman named Ada Hui on Tinder. They dated up until late last month and then, he experienced a pretty bad breakup.

According to Connolly, after the breakup, Hui exploded into a fit of rage. This includes allegedly posting their text messages on Instagram and threatening his career a la "Entourage" season seven, episode seven (titled "Tequila and Coke").

In the episode, Ari Gold is blackmailed by a woman who has audio tapes of his, which would jeopardize his career and lose his family's respect.

Connolly says Hui allegedly threatened to "gut" his identity and self-worth. She allegedly told him,

You won't see it coming... [It will hit you] like a ton of bricks.


If this is true, then we can't help but feel for Connolly. We've all been there. The crazy ex is a very real thing we all have to live through.

(And sometimes... we are the crazy ex...)

Connolly is suing Hui for stalking and invasion of privacy. He is also asking the judge to order her to stop.