Valentine's Day
These are the best TikToks about Valentine's Day.

These 20 TikToks About Valentine's Day That Will Make You Feel So Seen

No matter your relationship status.

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Valentine’s Day is not all about roses, chocolates, and cheesy pickup lines. It’s also about TikTok. Kidding! But if the approaching holiday is giving you some stress, scrolling through TikTok may be just the antidote you need. The app has pretty much everything: videos complaining about being single, ones providing fun (and affordable!) date ideas, and some about managing V-day expectations. That said, no matter how you feel about Feb. 14, there’s a TikTok about Valentine’s Day out there you’ll relate to.

One common theme in every video? Single or taken, Valentine’s Day really does not have to be that anxiety-inducing. This Hallmark-manufactured holiday should be fun, after all! I mean, heart-shaped candy, pink balloons, and kitschy cards — this is really not a day we have to take too seriously.

Scroll through these 20 TikToks about Valentine’s Day to make your holiday the best yet, even if all you do is spend some quality time at home.

These TikToks About Being Alone This Valentine’s Day

Being alone on Valentine’s Day is not the end of the world, and these TikToks — even the dramatized, self-deprecating videos — are proof. There’s no reason you can’t find humor in your current sitch, even if you aren’t celebrating with a partner this February 14.

Let it be known: “Love is in the air” doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Cheesy, Valentine’s Day-themed bears aren’t for everyone, so don’t get too hard on yourself if you’re not getting sent any this year.

Even if you haven’t met the love of your life yet, there’s always a reason for celebrating — for one, you can save plenty of money on V-day gifts.

It’s always better to be alone than in a bad relationship. Yes, even on Valentine’s Day.

Of course, if you are feeling a little down about being single this year, there are plenty of relatable TikToks out there. Just remember not to be too harsh on yourself. Your time will come!

These TikToks About Planning A Valentine’s Day Date

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, planning for Valentine’s Day can be stressful. If you are with somebody, there’s pressure to plan a romantic date. If you aren’t there’s still some pressure to make the most of the day and fully embrace the treat yourself mentality. Of course, you should only do what you’re comfortable with, and you can easily treat this day just like any other if that’s what you want! But if you do need some itinerary inspo, these TikToks are a great place to start.

If you want to have a creative Valentine’s Day date at home, there are plenty of options. (You don’t have to feel stuck having a Netflix and chill V-day if you don’t want to!)

If you and your SO (or whoever you’re celebrating the day with!) have a hard time making decisions, take a cue from this TikTok. That way, you can ultimately leave your Valentine’s plan up to chance — a complete dream for people who are indecisive.

Having a fun Valentine’s Day doesn’t require spending a lot of money! A home-cooked dinner, painting date, or game night are all amazing options — and this TikTok makes each look very aesthetically pleasing.

If you are single, you can always plan a friend date! Chocolate-covered strawberries are delicious, no matter what your relationship status looks like.

Target may not be considered the most romantic store in the world, but clearly, there is plenty of date inspiration to be found among those shelves.

These TikToks About Valentine’s Day Expectations

Let it be known: Even if you are in a relationship, that doesn’t mean your SO will know exactly how you want to celebrate. They aren’t mindreaders! Still, you aren’t alone in feeling a little frustrated, especially as Feb. 14 creeps closer. And these TikToks are a great reminder of that.

Yes, you need a reservation for a Valentine’s Day dinner date. No, not everyone realizes that. If you’re worried about missing out on a delish dinner due to a lack of planning, a backup reservation is never a bad idea!

This TikTok caption says it all: “idc if u my husband u better ask me to be ur valentine.” (Hard agree.)

Again, always ask your partner to be your Valentine! Don’t assume just because you’re ~in love~ that you have a pink, heart-colored Valentine waiting for you. Not everyone automatically plans to celebrate the day.

At the end of the day, you have to ask for what you want! If that’s a date on Valentine’s Day, go get it.

Of course, you might have better luck finding a Valentine if you come prepared with a gorg bouquet of flowers. Just a thought!

Some Miscellaneous, Funny Valentine’s Day TikToks

The creativity on TikTok is simply immaculate, and these hilarious TikToks about Valentine’s Day will keep you laughing way past Feb. 14.

When even Pillsbury takes the hearts out of Valentine‘s Day, it may be time to start lowering your expectations.

Whatever your Valentine’s Day plans include, a little heart-themed decoration is always cute!

Eat a piece of chocolate every time he says Feb. 14.

Remember what I said about going after what you want? If having a Valentine is important to you, don’t wait for someone to ask you — ask them!

Writing poetry is not for everyone, and there’s no shame in that. Whether you’re a skilled rhymer or the thought of prose makes you antsy, this TikTok will make you laugh.

The overall consensus? Valentine’s Day should be a source of fun —not stress — and laughing at yourself is the best way to start embracing the most romantic day of the year.