TikTok suggests eating 12 grapes under the table on New Year's Eve.

Should You Eat 12 Grapes Under The Table On NYE? TikTok’s Convinced

Plus, a pair of red underwear helps manifest love and romance.

LWA/Dann Tardif/DigitalVision/Getty Images

New Year’s Eve is a holiday full of expectations — including kissing someone when the clock strikes midnight. If you don’t have anyone to kiss, that moment might feel more uncomfortable than romantic. To welcome the new year with more positive energy, TikTok suggests incorporating a Spanish tradition into your New Year’s Eve plans. This manifestation technique is simple: Eat 12 grapes (representing the 12 months of the year) under the table, thinking about your intention with each one. Finish your grapes by 12:01 a.m. to claim good luck for the following year. Oh, and wear a pair of red underwear for an extra dose of romance.

TikTokers started posting about this particular New Year’s manifestation technique in November. Now, the hashtag #underthetable has 40 million views, and there’s a viral tweet explaining the tradition: “Eating 12 grapes under the table on NYE right when midnight strikes is said to bring luck in love and relationships. If you manage to eat the 12 grapes in time, you'll have a prosperous and very lucky year.”

The trend really took off in December, when accounts started sharing how eating 12 grapes last year had worked for them, specifically helping them find love. One TikToker @lolkarli shared a video of her spending last New Year’s under the table, explaining, “Last year I ate my 12 grapes under the table.” Karli then added a compilation of photos and videos of her and her current partner. “Well it worked lol,” she wrote alongside the video.

Plenty of other TikTok accounts shared similar success stories of falling in love after doing this last New Year’s Eve. The rest of the app was quickly convinced this was the best way to ring in 2023. One user commented, “Considering this is the 10th TikTok I’ve seen, I’m taking it as a sign. See ya underneath the table in 2023!” Another wrote, “✍️eating grapes under the table. got it!”

According to those who have done it successfully, for this technique to work, you need to believe it will. As one account @helenguillen put it, “Most important thing to remember: you gotta believe it will actually happen for you 🥰.” One other helpful tip? The grapes should be green, not red.

So, um, where does the red underwear come in? It’s another component of this tradition that’s taken off on TikTok. Apparently, wearing red underwear — especially when it’s given to you by someone else — can help usher in a passionate year ahead. (For luck and prosperity, yellow underwear is the way to go, according to a similar Latinx tradition.)

As one TikToker put it, “My For You Page has bullied me into deciding that I’m gonna sit under a table at midnight on New Year’s this year in the hopes that I meet the love of my life over the next year.”

If you’re feeling the same, it’s a good idea to go grape shopping now, before they’re out of stock. See you under the table at midnight — and good luck manifesting the partner of your dreams.