This couple is trying out a sex trend going viral on TikTok, pushing down on the vulva owner's lower...

I Tried A Viral Sex Trend From TikTok And My Orgasms Have Never Been Better


by Gabriella Ferlita

TikTok might not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sex, but maybe it should be. During one of my endless scrolling sessions on the app, I came across a raunchy trend launched by a woman who goes by @love.ria.nurse: On Jan. 2, she shared a video claiming that for people with vulvas, pushing down on their lower stomachs during sex can “stimulate the G-spot from the outside”. It became a viral hit, with 1.2 million likes (and counting).

Now, I know exactly what you're thinking, because I thought it, too: There’s no way that works. Right? How could it be that easy to activate the enigma that is the G-spot? It’s famously tricky to find — so mysterious, in fact, that despite dozens of trials and studies since 2006, scientists have never actually been able to prove the area exists.

This particular TikTok user isn’t the only one sharing this sexually-charged tidbit, either. There are hundreds of videos that detail how great it feels when a partner pushes down on the abdomen of a vulva-owner during sexy time. There are even people boasting about just knowing the trick, as if they’re part of some exclusive club of sexperts.

I wanted to see for myself just how good this TikTok trend really was, so I casually brought it up to my boyfriend the way most modern couples discuss important topics: by tagging him in the comments section, of course. To his credit, my boyfriend is usually open to trying almost any sex trend (within reason) that I throw his way, including light BDSM, breath play, and sensual massages. But pushing down above my pubic bone? This one really took him by surprise. He was eager to try it.

From his perspective, I could see the appeal. For starters, we could do away with two things: finger cramps from that repetitive “come hither” motion in a bid to find that mysterious sweet spot and my curved G-spot vibrator running out of battery. No, just one little push on my lower stomach could make all my wildest dreams come true. The next morning when we did the dirty, let's just say I wasn't at all prepared for the fireworks that ensued. And to be honest, I don’t think my boyfriend was, either.

When I woke up, my boyfriend was lying behind me. I moved my hair away from my neck so he could place his lips there instead. He eased inside me in the speed bump position — our favorite and a guaranteed fail-safe for my own orgasm. This relaxed variation on doggy style means I can reach down and touch myself while we go at it, as I — like 81.6% of women in the U.S. — can’t reach climax without additional clitoral stimulation. The angle also allows for deep penetration, which provides more pleasure for us both.

As he leaned over my back, I turned my head to look at him and kiss passionately. Every thrust was becoming more and more intense. Then, he reached his hands under my torso as he pressed firmly above my hips with his palms in one continuous motion. Oh man, there it was. My body practically tingled with excitement.

Suddenly, I could feel my muscles tightening as I raced to the edge of a climax. Almost without warning, my orgasm came out of nowhere. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my hands gripped the sheets as I buried my head in the pillow. This was possibly the strongest orgasm I had ever experienced... ever.

VioletaStoimenova/E+/Getty Images

It turns out, that magic spot which my boyfriend pressed on my abdomen “potentially also stimulated the part of the CUV (clitourethrovaginal) complex,” says gynecologist Dr. Dmitri Loktionov. The CUV is what researchers now consider the now-redundant term of “the G-spot” to be a part of, and also “consists of the clitoris, urethra and anterior vaginal wall.

This means that when you’re stimulating ‘the G-spot’, you’re actually stimulating part of the clitoris,” says Dr. Loktionov, who also founded CBD self-care and sexual wellness brand Quanna.

Not only did my boyfriend pushing down on my lower abdomen during sex cause me to have an easier-to-achieve orgasm, but it was also much longer-lasting and more intense than my typical climaxes. Every thrust felt like an endless wave of pleasure, and I was totally on-board with riding it out.

Dr. Laura Vowels, the principal researcher and sex therapist at Blueheart, a sex therapy app, tells me this could be because “placing pressure on [someone’s] stomach may be more of a psychological turn-on”.

“For many people, noticing that a sexual partner is being attentive to help them reach orgasm can be a turn on and lead to higher levels of arousal,” she says. And in my case, she might be right. Knowing that my partner was so open to trying this trend and was putting my pleasure first certainly gave me butterflies down there, to say the least.

My boyfriend now will often press down on my lower abdomen when we’re going at it now. It’s become our new foolproof trick to bring me over the edge of an orgasm, and it feels amazing every time.

It’s also worth noting that what gets me off may not be what works for other people for vulvas, and Dr. Vowels also echoes this. “Some [people] may respond to stimulation in or around this location. Preferences vary from person to person. It’s important to find out what works best for you,” she says. Dr. Loktionov also suggests “adding some sort of psychological stimulation is always a good idea for you and your partner’s sexual wellbeing.”

Ready to try this trend? You know what to do — head to TikTok and tag your partner in the comments section.


Dr. Dmitri Loktionov, gynecologist and founder of CBD self-care and sexual wellness brand Quanna

Dr. Laura Vowels, sex and relationships therapist and the principal researcher at Blueheart, a sex therapy app