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Why Couples Should Never Try To Have Threesomes

Most stories in our culture celebrate the single folks. There are TV shows about the hopeful, movies about the heartbroken, songs about the couple destined for each other (if only the one would just notice the other).

But for those in long-term relationships, where do they turn? They're fighting the good fight and struggling to maintain interest in the same people for years. Worst of all, many of these folks have never swiped left or right on Tinder. Who will speak to them?

To those folks, we present "The Quarter-Life Couple," our Web series as Elite Daily's new artists in residency.

"The Quarter-Life Couple" follows Wilson and Becca, a long-term couple, as their relationship starts to fall apart.

After a few years together, doubt starts to set in for Becca and Wilson. Are they still romantic? Why do they watch "Jeopardy!" every night? Have they run their course?

In our first episode, "Threeway," Wilson and Becca flirt with the idea of starting something new. Do they really want it? Even worse, does the other really want it? If these thoughts exist at all, does that mean it's time to move on?

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