18 Ways To Keep Your Girlfriend Happy With 3 Little Words

by Rafaelina Siri

Women are not as complicated as men think.

Telling your girl what she wants and needs to hear should be at the top of your priority list, especially when it comes to making her feel worth it.

There's a feeling of pleasure that innately comes from wanting to shower her with love without her having to ask.

With that said, there are so many underused three-word expressions she is probably dying to hear her man say.

In just three simple words, you can express your feelings for your crush, your girlfriend or your wife.

It's not about a lack of self-esteem or an insecurity; it's simply a nice thing to do.

Every one of us wants to be told how beautiful and how amazing we are from the people we love.

There is an array of words that a woman wants to hear at all hours and times of the day.

And because words are free, this shouldn't be too much to ask for.

Take a look at this list of 18 #ThreeWordsSheWantsToHear below:

1. I love you.

In this generation, hearing those words is everything.

Use these three little, yet so powerful words wisely (even though we can throw them around pretty loosely).

2. You're the one.

This one is a no-brainer right here. First comes love, then comes marriage. What woman wouldn't want to hear this?

Before that, make sure you know what you want. And don't forget the ring!

3. Just kiss me!

Women love it when you take the initiative, and they love to be manhandled, when done properly, fellas. It is sexy as f*ck.

4. Unlimited hot pizza...

Nom nom nom! Pizza will never go out of style — because, life.

Every man loves a nice derrière, and a little suttin' suttin' to grab on to. Know what I'm sayin'?

5. You're the G.O.A.T.

Baby, you are "the greatest of all time," enough said.

6. I miss you.

Nothing says I miss you like cuddling in bed together, naked, just breathing each other's energies and enjoying each other's company. True love!

7. Pack your bags! (Or, all expenses paid!)

There is nothing better than undivided attention, gifts, surprises and flights. Traveling is always the move.

This serves as bonding time together as a strong couple, an important relationship goal that should be on your list.

8. Good morning, beautiful.

This is the most beautiful of them all because it is exactly how we feel every time we receive that good morning text (with the emojis, memes and gifs).

Never, ever be afraid to illustrate your love for her.

9. Wanna go shopping?

Hell yes, I wanna go! We are always in need of new clothes, like every day.

Give me your credit card, I love you! Thank you babe. *smiles innocently*

10. Sorry, I'm taken!

That "I'm taken" game better be way too strong, or you will be sorry. Believe that.

11. Need Sephora money?

I got you, babe. I know makeup is expensive and looking good is important to you. It is important for me, too — for us. *grabs Smashbox primer, and the whole damn store*

12. Fine, you win!

'Cause we are always winning, right? The power we hold over our men could never be striped from us.

13. I got us.

A successful man is both attractive and motivating, as a woman is, too.

I am not encouraging financial dependence; on the contrary, it is sexy to have someone who is intelligent and mature enough to be stable with his own individual life.

14. Let's move in!

Momma, I made it. To share a residence with the opposite sex means a step forward with your partner.

Every woman gets pressured by family, and many can be concerned with biological clock ticking.

Anyway, this shows how loved, wanted and appreciated we are, and marriage could be in the future.

15. I am cooking!

Sigh. A splendid dish made by your sweetheart is a beautiful sight indeed.

Not only is that sh*t hot, but it is great having someone cook for you who knows how to create different dishes.

Or at least someone who tries? You be the judge of that.

16. Buy the shoes!

Let's face it: Women laaaahve shoes. They're the next best thing to food, and I should probably say men, too.

Besides, many men buy shoes for their beloveds, so I definitely encourage this.

Shoes make us feel sexy, feminine and alive. They make any outfit look great.

17. You look gorgeous!

Thank you, thank you very much. This line is literally the best thing you can say to your woman. It is music to the ears!

We invest so much time in how we look before we step our foot out of the door.

So, yes, you better recognize it, and for this, we thank you.

18. It's leg day!

Legs are sexy, period. If you love yourself, you should care about balancing out your eating and exercise habits.

Exercise feels delicious and releases endorphins, and that is why leg day should be done with pleasure, especially if done with your boo.

Couples who work out together, stay together is word on the street, anyway.

And, who doesn't like to look good these days? Plus, summer is here!

Love, passion and danger: what we all want out of a relationship.

Anything dangerous and/or prohibited is exciting and fun to do, at least once. And, when done with your partner, it really does become 100 times hotter and more desirable.

Keep it spicy, my friends!