No Question: 12 Things You Never Have To Ask The Man Who Loves You

by Chris Riotta

The one should be told everything.

The one should be showered in compliments and love as he or she lies down to rest at night and opens his or her eyes to the sun in the morning.

Sometimes in life, the hardest words to say are the things that matter most.

Our relationships are strengthened when we tear down all of the walls and finally let each other in.

As vulnerable and raw as your emotions may seem, they may be the only things that will let you hold on to him or her.

Your words are the strongest form of love.

Being able to express yourself in a relationship is not only crucial to your happiness but essential to a healthy union.

Those three words are something I've learned to use very wisely, but I'm smart enough to know when someone deserves to hear them every single day.

If you're falling deeply in love with someone, it's a confusing fall; In love, you're bound to feel lost, excited, anxious and worried. Love is a dangerously beautiful experience for the soul.

But even though so much is unknown when we find the person we believe may be the one, some questions should never have to be asked.

1. Do you love me?

I can't stress the importance of these three words. Nobody wants to see those who are closest to the heart become total ghosts because they weren't told of their worth.

Love yours deeply, and let this person know of your love for him or her every chance you have, before it's too late.

2. Do I make you happy?

You should see by the way he smiles as he watches you laugh about nothing. You should feel it in the way he wraps his arms around you and holds you in his sleep.

His happiness should be your happiness, and yours will be his. Secret smiles and little happy moments make relationships worth it.

3. Am I worth it?

When we're young, the temptations of lust and attraction were rampant, but infidelity seems to have not only become the norm, but the popular thing to do.

In a relationship, however, that's worth it. There won't be a question as to whether or not either of you is satisfied.

You understand what works for each other, and you compromise enough to be respected, trustworthy and loyal.

4. Do you think we have a future?

When your partner loves you more than anything, keeping you in his or her future won't even be a second thought in his or her mind.

You will know your partner plans to keep you close to his or her side through thick and thin as he or she plans to take you on weekend getaways, fun trips away from the city or suburbia where you both live or road trips to random music festivals in the middle of the summer.

5. Do you care about my past?

To be perfectly candid, we've all f*cked up a few times. It shouldn't be the determinant to who you are in any relationship or future experience.

Someone who deserves all of you should understand nothing that happened before your relationship was a failure, just learning experiences.

6. Do you think I'm the one?

When you've met the person who you'll spend a beautiful future with, there’s no question that he or she is the one.

Although love at first sight may not always be the case, it becomes quite clear rather quickly when you've met someone who you're more than compatible with. The two of you are totally in sync.

This wasn't meant to be just a “fling.” There's something real here between the two of you, and the both of you want to watch it grow.

7. Do you care about my flaws?

Not only should your lover care about your flaws, he or she should love every single one of them.

Because, at the end of the day, every single thing about you, whether you view each piece of the puzzle as good or bad, makes up who you are.

The right person will worship every aspect of your being.

8. Am I the best you ever had?

Everyone deserves the right to feel comfortable and free in his or her sex life. We all should feel completely satisfied, confident and beautiful on a daily basis.

You should never have to ask the person you sleep with whether you're one of the best sex partners he or she has had.

It should be known that the two of you are extremely happy with the sex and fun in your relationship.

9. Do you admire me?

You should feel admiration from your partner on a daily basis, no matter how near or far they are.

Your beau should love your brain, your body, the way you speak and breathe...Your light should be his or her guiding force.

In other words, your partner should be absolutely obsessed with you, in the most endearing way.

10. Do you think I'm beautiful?

He's found love in the smallest freckles on your skin and the way your hair winds up at night, even when you hate it. His eyes will smile when they see your face, and his lips will start to curl.

When someone who truly deserves to be in your life for the long run enters it, you will see just how beautiful other people view you through the eyes of your beloved.

11. Do you want to know the things nobody else hears?

It's as if the two of you have the exact same internal clock that keeps you up some nights until the crack of dawn, sharing every single story from your lives.

He isn't just interested in the way you grew up or what your favorite classes were in school.

With him, it goes even deeper: He wants to know what kept you awake at night as a child, what your first time having sex was like, all of the secrets you've been too afraid to even tell your closest friends.

You should never feel afraid to tell him anything.

12. Will you still love me tomorrow?

It doesn't matter what fight happened today. The wrinkles on your face from standing under a thousand suns and laughing under many moons won't make you any less beautiful.

Whether you're by his side tomorrow or across the entire country, the one will always keep you close in his or her heart. Every single day. No matter what. You are loved.

You have now found the one, and the need to ask for his or her love is no longer needed.

When you've met the person you are going to spend your life with, eventually, somehow, all of your questions will be answered.