A Packaged Deal: 6 Things To Consider When Dating A Man With A Dog


Dogs are the best; women love them, men love them and the Internet loves them. But, sometimes, dogs are underutilized when it comes to what they can teach us about ourselves and each other.

Having a dog is about more than just having a furry sidekick around for cuddles and walks. It is a living being that has feelings, habits and behaviors -- both good and bad.

As you fall in love with a man, you will also fall in love with his dog (you have to, they’re probably a package deal). But, you will also learn things about your guy, and things about yourself, you never expected.

How well he can take care of something other than himself

Sure, your man is good-looking, dresses well and even manscapes, but how well does he take care of his beloved companion? Be careful; there’s a fine line here.

A well-fed pup with toys that’s allowed to sleep at the end of the bed is what you’re looking for. It’s a nice compromise and shows selflessness and responsibility.

A pup with a dresser full of t-shirts and collars that goes for doggy spa days once a month might be a bit much. This might also suggest that your guy loves his dog more than you, maybe even more than himself, and that might make things a little weird.

Especially if, instead of taking you to the movies, he stays home to bathe and style his furball, for the third time this week.

The way he feels about commitment

Most men with dogs realize it's a 10- to 15-year commitment; dogs are a lot of work, to say the least. Watching how your man stays committed to his dog is great insight into how he might stay committed to you.

Good dog owners always ensure their dog is well taken care of (refer to last paragraph), and that it is healthy and happy. Men with dogs also tend to be more forward-thinking, conscious of the future and what it means for him and his furry friend.

The amount of love he has to give

We’ve all been there; watching your guy interact with his dog can be precious. Hell, it can downright melt your heart. Dog owners are usually people with a lot of love to give, which is a great foundation for a loving, caring relationship.

Showing affection is something a lot of guys lack, but men with dogs are used to showing affection and actually do it in public quite often.

If you two are right for each other, that affection and outward pouring of love is easily translated from man to dog, to man to woman. Get ready for a lot of hugs and kisses.

Are you really a dog person?

As women, we often think we’re dog people just because we love to love, and we are, of course, obsessed with small, furry things. But being around a dog full-time can be a completely different story.

Helping to feed the dog and take the dog outside once in a while is a good way to see if you are truly a dog person.

Can you handle walking the dog up and down the street until it wants to pee? Although you think it will never happen, do you get sick of the constant need for attention and affection? Listen, it's totally fine not to be a dog person -- plenty of women aren't --, but it's important to know this before committing to a man with a dog.

Do you love him and his dog?

Sure, you love him; you’ve been dating for months and things are going great. Just don’t forget that his dog is a part of him and you need to love it, too.

Loving someone or something means being selfless. When it comes to dogs, love means sharing your spot in bed, giving up some of whatever you're eating and getting used to it watch you and your man have sex. If you’ve come to terms with this and still think that dog is the cutest thing on earth, you definitely love it and its owner.

Do you have enough patience and forgiveness?

Walking the dog up and down the street 10 times is just the beginning; there’s the training and the jumping and the face licking. Dealing with these things takes patience, and if you are naturally impatient, you’re going to have to learn it or bail.

Just like humans, dogs make mistakes, and they make a lot of them. That dog will jump on you and rip your black tights; it will knock its head into your glass of red wine, spilling it on the carpet, and it will surely steal your spot in bed when you aren’t looking.

If your guy and his dog are the right match for you, though, you will forgive, forget and get back to loving them both.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr