5 Things You Should Never Feel Like You Have To Sacrifice In A Relationship

by Emily Brookshire

My mother always said, "Someone will come along who likes you for you, even though you're weird."

Well, it turns out mother knows best.

So before you jump into your next relationship, do some introspecting. Pick out all the things you love most about yourself and the things that make you happiest and hold them close, even if they are a little weird.

Relationships should be a source of growth, positivity and love. What they shouldn't do is change who you are fundamentally (especially when you are so dope).

To start, here are five things you should never give up for a relationship:

Your Friends

There is never a point in a relationship when you should have to prove why your clique is your clique.

It's simple: They are your people.

That's all your significant other should need to know. Don't ever feel the need to justify why your friends are your friends.

Your partner should accept them simply because they make you laugh, know all of your stories, love you unconditionally and always have your back. If they're friends with you, they have to be pretty cool anyway, right?

At the end of the day, your friends are the family you chose for yourself. It shouldn't really matter why you picked them.

Your Interests

You like Nickelback? Awesome. You watch the History Channel for fun? Cool.

Don't even think about letting your partner make you think less of yourself for your interests.What you likes make you, well, you. Drop the person who tells you to change what brings you joy, what helps you smile and what makes you giggle until you tear up.

These are the pieces of your personality that make you unique, interesting and worth loving. Of course, let your significant other show you new things and broaden your horizons, but don't lose sight of who you are at your core.

Your Body

Do not ever change how you look solely for someone else's benefit, regardless of your clothing size. Your significant other is in your life to love you for all that you are, not a fantasy version of you or the person you could be.

Your body is meant to be cherished and appreciated. If you want to change something about your appearance for your own personal happiness, then go for it, but never change a hair on your head or the size of your waist to mimic someone else's ideal image of you.

If you are in the right relationship, your significant other shouldn't wish for you to be different or sexier. They should already think you're sexy as hell, because you are.

Your Voice

Now, this one is easy to lose without even realizing you've lost it.

Women tend to feel inherently guilty in their romantic relationships. We don't want to make our partners mad or hurt their feelings. We feel that if we upset them, they might pack up and leave without looking back.

If they can't deal with your thoughts, feelings and ideas, tell them to leave for good. Don't stay silent just to make someone else happy. Speak up. Vocalize when your partner crosses a line or hurts your feelings. Say something when the sex isn't stellar, and tell them what they can do to make you feel even sexier in the sheets.

Speak your mind whenever you feel you need to. If they are the right one, they'll want to know all of the things running through your beautiful mind.

Your Dreams

Do you want to backpack through Thailand or quit your job and open a wine bar? Do it. Do you want to take a pole dancing class to make you feel sexy? Go for those dreams.

Don't ever let someone tell you your dreams aren't worth chasing. Your dreams shape who are and who you will become. They are the most intrinsic, unique pieces of you.

If your significant other really cares for you, they will want to be front and center to watch you achieve all of your goals... especially pole dancing.