19 Things You Should Never Apologize For In A Relationship

by Alexa Mellardo

If you're in a committed relationship, you know that with all the fun times and butterflies comes a lot of hard work.

A great love doesn't come easy. If it did, everyone would have it from the get-go. You get out of a relationship exactly what you put into it.

If you don't give it a life preserver, it won't be able to stay afloat on its own. It will (sadly) sink.

Take care of your bond, and let it thrive.


A relationship involves making sacrifices and being considerate of one another.

You should be growing together, and letting the other person grow outside of your relationship too.

If you love that person, you're selfless enough to want to do anything for him or her. You'll never judge your SO for who he or she is, and what he or she is passionate about.

Needless to say, there are just some things you should never have to apologize for in your relationship:

1. Making plans with your squad.

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2. Having close guy friends.

3. Being yourself and not wanting to change for someone.

4. Spending time with your family.

5. Being an extrovert and the life of the party.

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6. Caring too much.

7. Always being completely honest, even when your SO doesn't want to hear it.

8. Not agreeing with your SO.

9. Honoring your family values.

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10. Having hobbies, interests and passions of your own.

11. Making plans of your own.

12. Putting a lot of time, hard work and effort into your career.

13. Going to weekly work happy hours.

14. Having your own opinions, and making them known.

15. Wanting to sleep.

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16. Having time to yourself.

17. When you get attention from another guy you weren't asking for, whether it's on social media or a friendly gesture.

18. Things you find funny.

19. What you believe in.

A healthy love means not judging the person you're with.

If all someone is doing is taking, the love will dwindle. In the end, it will have nothing left to give.

If you stay true to yourself and follow your gut, know you should never have to apologize for any of the above 19 things.

If your partner loves and respects you endlessly, he or she wouldn't even make you feel the need to apologize.