20 Things Every Guy Needs To Know Before Dating An Actress

by Sara Caliva

Actresses are known for being beautiful and creative.

There's no question why men are drawn to them.

But does your average Joe know what it takes to keep a lovely free spirit happy (and calm)?

Here are some fun tips to keep the drama on the stage:

1. "I can't because I have rehearsal" is not synonymous with "I have to wash my hair."

It's the truth.

2. Yes, everything she says will turn into a 10-minutes monologue. You may clap upon completion (unless she's yelling at you).

In that case, hand her some wine and say, "Sorry."

3. Meeting her friends does not mean a small get-together for a board game.

It means hanging out with 30 of her besties at a gay bar while singing showtunes.

4. Yes, everyone must be hugged.

Yes, that includes you.

5. Hell week is a real and horrible thing.

Your only job is to buy coffee before rehearsals and wine after every night.

6. No, she's not exhausted after that four-hour rehearsal that went on until 10 pm.

She's pumped about that one awesome moment that happened onstage.

Yes, it will need to be discussed at length before bed.

7. "Break a leg tonight, babe" is the required text message on preview night.

Bonus points if you start at the first dress rehearsal.

8. Yes, you need to be at opening night.

Yes, flowers are required, even if she only has one line.

No, do not clap after she says her one line.

9. Do not do voices while running lines.

It's super cute when you do and she loves you for trying, but she can't take the chance of laughing onstage while thinking about you.

10. Do not correct the one word she missed while running lines.

Don't make a face when she misses said word.

In fact, don't even breathe. That's probably the safest bet.

11. Of course putting makeup on to walk the dog is necessary.

What if there are paparazzi outside?

12. It doesn't matter how nice you think that other actress is.

She is the same age and body type, and therefore, she is the enemy.

13. Changing in public is a way of life.

Shame went out the window the first time she changed in front of four guys in the dirty back room of a restaurant while doing dinner theater.

14. She will be kissing another dude and doing other things that make you uncomfortable.

It's not real, and you're probably sitting next to his boyfriend.

15. Sitting through her favorite musical is guaranteed to get you lots of sex.

A Broadway show will get you even more sex.

16. Telling her she is being dramatic is a compliment.

17. Yes, it is necessary for her to practice her Southern accent at the grocery store.

How else will she know it's believable?

18. No, a cast party is not just after the last show.

It's any time the cast feels the need to party.

19. If you know how to use power tools, you will be recruited for set strike.

If you don't, you will be recruited to carry things to the car.

20. When in doubt, "You're too talented to be treated that way, so have some wine" is the right response.

Actresses are complex and layered with emotions. (This is not unlike most women.)

They'll keep you on your toes and make you passionate about things you didn't even know you cared about.

You'll sing, you'll dance, you'll drink (a lot) and you'll never know what's going to happen next.