What Women Want When It Comes to Dating

by Amanda Jo

Finding a man who actually knows how to court and date can be pretty tricky. While there are some amazing guys out there who don't need any help, it seems that the majority of men desperately do. It’s tough to know if guys do know how to date and are just being lazy out of fear of really settling down of if they’re genuinely confused about what women want.

There are a handful of characteristics that women need to see before considering a given man to be a viable option. So guys, if you’re serious about a particular lady, check out this list of qualities that women want to see in their men.

We want a go-getter

All women like a confident man who knows what he wants and how to get it. If you have a crush on a girl, go after her. Forget the games and just be upfront; tell her that you're interested and would like the chance to get to know her better. She can only say yes or no — if she says yes, awesome, if she says no, you've lost nothing.

A man who calls

Most girls are totally fine with texting a bit to feel each other out, but there should be a limit. Women are not pen pals; we’d love a steady balance between texting and calling.

A man who makes plans

So you took a chance, got her number and gave her a call — now it's time to ask her out. Many guys seem to have trouble making solid plans because they worry that the girl won’t be interested in the suggested date. Consciously learn about the girl and what she likes to do while you correspond with her via texts and phone calls, then plan accordingly. Planning a thoughtful date is essential in the courting process — work to do something she will love. It’s possible to plan amazingly creative dates for under $20 if you make the effort.

A man who focuses on just one girl

Often, when a guy meets a girl he actually likes, instead of her being enough, he feels the need to keep a few other backup options around. But, these backup plans are likely not real options — if they were, they’d be more than just a backup plan by now.

While you're not yet monogamously committed, courtship will proceed much more seamlessly if you invest your time in just one girl. When you date multiple women, you don’t give any of them a real chance.

A respectful man

Again, while you're not yet committed, it’s still important to be respectful of her at all times. Be honest with her about your intentions, don't break promises and show up on time.

A consistent man

Most guys I come across are on good behavior for a month or so, until they do or don't get what they want — and then things fall apart. However, consistency will prove to her that she is who he wants. Stay consistent with communication, creative dates, surprises, compliments, honesty and effort, and she will be one happy girl.

A man without baggage

Let's face it, we all have baggage but learn how to leave the past where it belongs — in the past. There's truly nothing worse than his ex-girlfriend calling 33 times during dinner. Clearly, that door is still open, so close up the past before compromising something new with toxic drama.

A man with a plan

We need to know you have a plan — this isn't just about money, but more about you realizing your potential. It’s attractive if a man is ambitious and follows his dreams and desires.

Generally as a result of fear and confusion, too many people play games in the beginnings of relationships. But, the games make it impossible to create worthy connections.

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