The 7 Hidden Qualities In Your Mr. Right

by Nora Moore

At every girl's night out across America, women compare checklists for Mr. Right. Most of them include the usual factors: education, career, car, hot bod, good in bed, financial security, etc.

But there are some less obvious characteristics that are pretty good indicators he's a keeper. Here are some intangible qualities to consider when evaluating if he's Mr. Right…or Mr. To The Left.

1. Even When You Can, He Won't Let You

In the age of independent women, many chicks have the funds or pride to provide for themselves. Although Mr. Right might appreciate this, he won't stand for a woman to insult his manhood by regularly footing the bill for dinner, trinkets, or trips. Your offers to pay are politely, yet sternly, rejected.

As for physically doing things for yourself, sure you're fit and have been maxing out the bicep curls, but just because you can open your own car door or pump your gas doesn't mean he'll stand by taking notes. Mr. Right will always win the battle of chivalry versus Miss Independent.

2. He's Had His Cherry Popped

Ladies, let's face it: We will encounter at least one man whose relationship cherry we pop. This is the guy who has no clue what to do/not to do in a relationship. He's the one you will teach that 1-800-FLOWERS is for his grandma or first grade teacher, but not ideal for a woman he's trying to win over.

You will school him not only on boyfriend etiquette, but also on activities of daily living. Basically, you will mother this one. The one you show the ropes to normally won't pan out. Some other woman will eventually benefit from your tireless efforts.

But perhaps relationship karma will work in your favor and you'll get a dude some other chick already gave the boyfriend makeover to. One woman's refurbished junk can be your treasure.

3. Long-Term Memory

He remembers your favorite song, an old childhood milestone you still celebrate, the way you like your venti mocha soy latte, or he'll take you somewhere you once casually mentioned you admired.

What you say doesn't go in one ear and get lost somewhere in his Beats By Dre headphones. This man is thoughtful and attentive. Your happiness will be at the top of his priority list. Mr. Right values what makes you tick and what ticks you off. He listens, processes, remembers and implements.

4. Anti-Social Media

Social media can be a relationship killer. If you find a guy who doesn't use it or solely engages in it publicly for business promotion, he's a gem. No one wants the thirsty dude who 'likes' every IG model's photos, or the desperate troll commenting "SEXY" all over Facebook.

Avoid the guy with multiple or private accounts. When you're at dinner and the chocolate soufflé arrives, if his first notion is to feed you the initial bite versus snapping a pic and quickly uploading it to Instagram with a retro filter, that's a promising sign.

5. Leads By Example

Never again in life will I fall for, "When I get married I will do XYZ for my wife." Oh, if only I had a Chloe bag for every time I've heard that one...  Any man can forecast promises and premonitions on how he will treat The One, or what a future together might be like.

However, Mr. Right will show you physically what he has to offer in the present time. If he feels you're worth the investment to reveal his cards, instead of just holding back with a poker face, embrace the man-of-action characteristic. Initiative and effort go a long way; words are for books.

6. The Family Guy

The appeal of the party guy lasts about as long as the popularity of a Miley Cyrus song. There's something to be said about the man who values a family unit.

He who can appreciate quiet time at home with loved ones and doesn't need to roam the streets or "turn up" at every happy hour is priceless. Most men who value the family concept are loyal, honest, hardworking and know the importance of working things out through thick and thin.

7. The X Factor

Sometimes there is just that quality that supersedes every checklist you will make. There's an attraction or aura about him that just feels right when you're together or sends you into mental flashback mode when you're apart. It's that tingle down your spine or an instantaneous smile merely at the thought of him.

Chemistry isn't just for the science lab. It's a magical connection between two people that can't be explained. If you feel a long-term buzz with your guy, it might be time for your little black book to RIP.

Most men are capable of these traits. Sometimes it takes the right woman to bring it out. So, ladies looking for love, don't be derailed if you haven't met HIM yet. Expand your criteria.

An open mind will see that a man can bring things to the table you never thought you needed. Above all, don't get discouraged. Sometimes you have to kiss a couple Jimmy Kimmels to get to your Channing Tatum.

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