The Five Types of Office Guys 20-Something Women Would Fall For

by Carla Mae Macaraeg

Crushing someone in your 20s is way different than crushing in high school. You’re no longer boy crazy; you're into “men" who are mature enough to thrive in the workforce. Having a crush in your 20s means cuteness comes secondary to personality, or even job title.

As the working girl you are today, you’ve stopped wishing for Prince Charming to show up on his noble stead and have started pining after employed gentlemen who may give you a future family.

Here are the five types of guys you’ll likely fall for in the office, once you hit the real world:

The Classy Writer

While he isn’t actually the first guy you notice in the room, you’ll gradually become more interested in the writer over anyone else. He’ll also be the most polite guy you've ever met; the type you’d love to introduce to your parents.

Eventually you’ll become friends, discover you have a lot in common and be close enough to share inside jokes. But before you melt over the gushy post he wrote about the brown-eyed girl in his blog, make sure that he was really talking about you and not your sexy best friend.

The Buff Marketing Guy

He is everyone’s type, the eye-candy of the office and drool-worthy in whatever shirt he wears. The marketing guy has the face and body that will inspire you to go to work and even look forward to more projects (just so you can work with him).

He also knows how to make your day by complimenting those zebra print leggings you finally had the guts to wear. Unfortunately, soon you’ll find him too busy being vain and flattering other women, and your interest in him will fade.

The Accomplished Engineer

Thanks to the, “Trust me, I’m an engineer! line he's always muttering, you're now thinking an engineer would probably make the best boyfriend.

He is the Prince Charming you’ve wished for all your life, able to effortlessly explain difficult things, like how screws, metals and gears function to run a device.

An engineer may even give you advice on handling your career. You’ll fall for his straightforwardness and outstanding analytical skills, and eventually see him as the perfect match.

But while you admire him for being the most grown-up man you know in his early 30s, he probably already has a long-term girlfriend or is looking for someone who's closer to settling down than you are.

The Charming Salesman

Now he's the first guy you notice in the room -- probably because he looks slick in that long-sleeved shirt tucked into his fancy pants, with a leather black belt.

He sounds strong and in control when you catch him on the phone with a client, and as a coworker, he brightens up your darkest, most uneventful days with stories about his business life.

That is, until the day you realize he was just trying to sell himself to you, despite being committed to someone else, or worse, he's married with a pregnant wife at home.

The Sensitive Artist

You’ll admire him for being so simple, yet so deep, as well as his ability to find meaning in everything. The sensitive artist has a “beautiful heart” you dream of holding carefully in your hands.

You’ll be just friends with him until you share his flair for the arts, begin listening to music with deep meaning and discover there’s more to that messy hairstyle and laidback get up.

Once you realize you’ve fallen for him, though, he forever fails to make a move, thinking a princess like you doesn’t deserve the humble life he can provide with the little money he earns.

After your experiences with these men, you’ll learn that finding love in the office is truly unwise. Professionals don’t go to work to find love or commitment; they go to earn money, acquire new skills and get promoted.

But notice how this list doesn’t include the CEO, bosses, project managers or those in human resources and administration? Maybe they’re the better choices, eh?

Photo via Suits