How To Tell Your Partner Those 3 Little Words Over The Holidays

by Meaghan Hynes

Your cheeks burn over sweet eskimo kisses.

It's December, but thanks to global warming, those kisses are not-so-eskimo, and there is no cold air to keep the rush from making you blush.

The more you try to stop it, the hotter your skin feels.

The more you try to stop it, the hotter your love burns.


All you can do is pray you're not the only one who feels like there's an elephant in the room whenever a few seconds of silence pass between the two of you.

Forget it; you're pretty sure she just doesn’t have anything to say to you in those moments.

Maybe these awkward silences happen more and more lately because you two have run out of things to talk about.

Maybe it really is just lust.

No, just shut up. You're crazy about her.

So, you're in the waiting game of who is going to drop the big L word first.

Not to put you under anymore pressure, but the holidays are the perfect time to cross that bridge.

So, seize this holiday as the idyllic time to tell your person you love him or her.

Enough of this “I love your hair like that,” and “I love it when you laugh” business.

You are so obviously in love that it's embarrassing.

Keep calm and read on, Romeo.

Every time you fall in love, it will feel like the first time.

Because in a way, it is the first time.

All of us are so different that falling in love with different people is an entirely different ball game.

If you are not quite sure how to play this one, here are some pointers for pitching that first “I love you” this holiday season:

Don't hold back if you're uncertain.

Haven’t you learned you can’t be certain about anything, fellow 20-something?

By now, you have surely seen the dark side of romance, but if you become too guarded, you’ll miss love’s good side.

Don’t let jadedness, paranoia and insecurity box you out.

As Wayne Gretsky once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Jedi mind trick yourself into saying it.

This is not just a timely "Star Wars" reference, but a legit tactic.

Hypothetically, let's say you work yourself up so much that you bow out as soon at the moment is right.

You didn’t know the true meaning of “I literally can’t” until this moment because you literally can’t.

In order to avoid this, have a Jedi mind trick up your sleeve in case you need to use it.

Maybe you could think about how insignificant you are in the scheme of the universe.

If you are a speck of dust, then what you say in this moment is, like, totally inconsequential, right?


You totally just tricked yourself into saying it.

As for whether or not your crush will say it back, well, I can’t help you there.

May the force be with you.

Only say it if you mean it.

In the words of the Black Eyed Peas, don’t phunk with anybody’s heart.

It's not melodramatic to say you can mess somebody up for years with a premature “I love you.”

Sweet nothings are venom; don’t be a snake.

Here’s a test: Do you feel like you are pretty much lying by not saying it?

If so, go for it with (jingle) bells on.

Consider how he or she would enjoy hearing it most.

When all else fails, unplanned and spontaneous is the way to go.

Setting and circumstance do not have to matter, no matter who your someone is.

However, if you are dealing with somebody you know wouldn’t be opposed to a little magic, the holidays are an opportune time to get creative here.

You’ve got props and holiday activities galore at your disposal.

Candy canes, carriage rides and mistletoe, oh my!

If you do get weird with the way you say those three words, please don’t fumble.

A floating “I love you” spelled out with those little Swiss Miss marshmallows in her hot chocolate could get super awkward if she can’t read it, if she doesn’t notice it or if it burns the roof of her mouth.

If you are unsure of which way to go, keep it low-key.

Honestly, nothing is better.