The Ted Mosby Effect: What It's Like To Be A Hopeless Romantic

by Samantha Bun

This is a dedication to the Ted Mosby’s of the world, AKA those of us who love fiercely, live passionately and refuse to give up on love, no matter how beaten and broken it leaves us.

This is for the dream weavers, truth seekers and love makers of the world.

You’re probably the single one among your group of friends — or was, for the most part — and it just doesn’t make sense to you or anyone else.

You’re a total catch: You’re ambitious, passionate, intelligent, witty and not at all bad looking.

You’re independent and you know yourself extremely well, but love just doesn’t seem to happen for you as it happens for others.

When things don’t work out, it often leads you to wonder, am I annoying? Do I come off too clingy or obsessive? Am I too emotional? Am I intimidating? Am I too nice?

The very fact that you are even asking yourself these questions leaves you feeling convinced that it may very well be true. Though, is it a crime that you just really cared?

You’re the type of person who gives yourself completely; you wear your heart on your sleeve.

You’re the child who grew up believing in fairytale romances and quickly became disillusioned, but you never gave up.

Your friends often tell you not to get too attached too soon or to stay guarded because you’ll only get your heart broken, but you do it anyway because it’s just in your nature.

You are an advocate for love and believe in giving all you can in the name of love.

The truth is, your heart does get broken repeatedly. Your friends feel sorry for you because they know you have a big heart and people take advantage of it.

They are there to support you, but also host interventions when they’ve had enough of your recklessness.

They hate seeing you get hurt; however, you’re okay with it because no matter how many times you fall, you know you’ll get back up.

You remain open to possibilities and just want to enjoy the company of another human being.

Connection is essential to your life and where it may lead could be a masterpiece.

You know that your relentless pursuit of love and happiness can be detrimental to your soul, but you take your chances.

People tend to think of you as unlucky in love, but you see it in a whole other light. What may appear to others as a bad choice, you see as an opportunity for love.

Even when a relationship leaves you feeling like a train just hit you, you have no regrets.

It leaves you with an enriching experience and you learned lessons about yourself and life. It has made you all the more abundant.

Your optimism is what gets you back up each and every time to do it all over again.

At first, it was with a bit of resistance, but you have faith that one day, you will find the girl or boy with the yellow umbrella, and the only way you will get there is by trying.

You don’t make being in a relationship the priority of your life because you realize the importance of your dreams.

Just as Mosby was passionate about architecture, you are passionate about what you do. You live in love in every aspect of your life. You live with your arms wide open.

You also have a gypsy heart — the kind that has a desire to flee because you are all about developing and reinventing yourself.

You’re also the kind who would give it all up in a heartbeat if it meant being with the one you love and you wouldn’t even think twice.

It’s not because you don’t love yourself enough, it’s because you realize dreams are only made more special when they can be shared with someone else.

Eventually, you learn to stop settling for less and to open your heart to the one who will reciprocate.

You just had to hit a few roadblocks to get there, and that’s what makes the journey even more beautiful.

You never believed in “the one,” but many ones, who would open your heart so big, you could only give more.

When you find that special one, just know how lucky he or she is to have found you.

You have so much love to give, and the right person for you is the one who will give it all back in return.

Don’t fret; that special someone could be right around the corner. You just have to keep having that faith.