Simone Becchetti

This Quiz Will Tell You What Kind Of Summer Fling You Should Have

In case you missed the memo, summer is well on its way. That's right, ladies and gentleman. June 20, the first official day of summer and ALSO the date I happened to get my first period (yeah, we just got a lot closer) is right around the corner.

So, what does that mean? It's time for you to get started on your hot, steamy SUMMER FLING.

But what kind of summer fling are you going to have? There are so many different kinds. You could be a player and engage in multiple flings. You could be the lead of your own Nicholas Sparks novel and have a hot, passionate love affair. You could give yourself a good, old fashioned confidence boost and keep a guy around who you aren't even that into just because he's so obsessed with you. You could have a totally no-strings-attached hookup buddy. Heck, you could even take some time to fall totally in love with YOURSELF.

Whatever you do, it is imperative that you really take the time to to pick the right summer fling for yourself and your current situation.

Maybe you've been super busy and aren't completely over your ex. In which case, a no-strings-attached hookup buddy could be right for you. Maybe you've finally started to move on from your ex, but aren't ready for a new relationship. In which case, a nice guy who's obsessed with you could be just the right fit.

Maybe it feels like you haven't had any excitement in your life in ages, then I would say it's time to spice things up with a hot, passionate love affair. Maybe you're sick of being tied down to one person, then I'd say it's time to play the field. Or maybe the last person you were with just treated you like total dog poo, in which case, you should probably take some you time.

Whatever your case may be, I say there's no better way of really knowing what your next step should be until you take this fantastic quiz I've created for you: