Guys Reveal The Subtle Things They Wish You Knew About Them

You can read as many articles, watch as many movies, and ask as many real people as you want, but there will ALWAYS be things men and women don't know about each other at the end of the day.

Plus, I have a hard enough time trying to figure out what I want, much less decoding literally every aspect of what guys want.

But even when we finally think we've got guys all figured out, they drop some truth bombs about them that we may not have realized before.

In a recent Reddit thread, one user asked guys about some of the more understated things women may not know about guys, and these men had a lot to say.

So here are all the ~subtle~ things the men in your life probably wish you knew about them.

A little spoiler: Guys feel things, too.

Everyone likes compliments — especially guys!

Simone Becchetti

He just wants to relax after a long day.

His interests aren't all made up just to get with you.

Just because he doesn't want sex one time, doesn't mean he doesn't wanna bang you all the other times!

Guys are real humans with real emotions, no matter how much we don't believe it.

Sex! Is! Great! But! It's! Not! The! Only! Thing! Guys! Want!

Sometimes, it's best if you don't press them about what they're thinking...

MEM Studio

Subtleties are not their strong point.

Guys are scared of things just as much as you are.

Guys — they're broke, just like us!

They're worried about f*cking things up with you, too.

I am literally shook by this realization.

It's totally fine to have different needs.

And of course, there's this worst-kept secret of all time:

So maybe step up and be the big spoon for your guy... just once?