Study: It Takes The Average Man 88 Days To Say 'I Love You' While In A Relationship

Ah, the three little words that every girl is waiting to hear. Apparently, she has to wait three months before she gets to hear her boyfriend say "I love you."

Surprisingly, men are faster when it comes to uttering the phrase, as women take an average of 134 days compared to the 88 days men take, according to new research.

39 percent of men say it within the first month of dating, while 23 percent of women do the same.

Men are becoming quicker to commit, as the stigma of men being afraid of commitment is quickly being thrown out the window.

The study by YouGov for eHarmony claims that one third of men move in with their partners within the first month.

77 percent of men remember the first time they said "I love you" to their girlfriends, as well as other significant dates in their relationship.

Jenni Trent Hughes, relationship advice expert for eHarmony, believes many traditional perceptions of men being afraid of commitment are outdated. 

"After centuries of women questioning the reluctance of men to commit or be romantic, it seems that we may just have been wrong all along! Boys are softies and can be way mushier than us girls," she said. "Realistically, and physiologically speaking, the average man tends to be more focussed and task oriented than the average woman.  "They establish a goal and set out to accomplish it at all costs, be that running the marathon in less than three hours or wooing the girl of their dreams."

Hugh Everett | Elite.