6 Struggles Of Letting Someone Into Your Life After Years Of Being Single

by Jen Morilla / The Social Girl Traveler
Doug Robichaud

Let's face it: Being single is fun. The freedom to do what you want when you want and not having to answer to anyone except yourself is incredible.

So, when you've been single for a while and someone amazing strolls into your single life, you'll find it a bit hard to adjust. Adjusting to being with someone when being alone and independent is all you know makes it harder to welcome the person with open arms.

Most of the time, we are in denial and convince ourselves we are fine. Maybe we are, or maybe we just need time. These are six signs you've been single for too long, and you might actually need more time:

1. When You Prefer To Sleep Alone

Sleeping alone is just amazing. You have the freedom to spread out, hog the comforter and drool on your pillows. It's a great feeling.

For some reason, no matter how big or small the bed is, you're only comfortable sleeping alone. If you do end up sharing your bed, your SO's movement is constantly waking you up because you just aren't used to having someone in your bed.

2. When It Starts To Bother You That He Pays For Everything

If you're an independent woman who pays her own bills, food, clothes, etc., you find it hard to accept when he actually starts paying for things. At first you're fine with it, but you actually feel guilty over time.

So, you start offering. Chances are, he might let you pay for a round of drinks, but never for a full date. You find it really hard to accept that you don't have to pay for everything.

3. When You Aren't Really Happy About Sharing Your Plans

You're bothered by the idea of having to tell him what you're doing on a Saturday night. You've gotten so used to just doing your own thing without telling someone else what "the plan" is that this actually bothers you.

4. When He Leaves His Stuff At Your Place

You tell yourself you really don't mind he left his comb or toothbrush in your bathroom, but deep down, you're annoyed because it's your place. You're not sure if you're ready to welcome him into your space, but he's already slept over four nights in a row.

5. When You Enjoy Your Alone Time More Than Being With Him

You've planned to see each other twice that week, but you're freaking out because you'd rather stay up late and finish some work or wake up early and go for a workout alone. You'd rather just watch Netflix and chill in your own apartment alone instead of worrying about what he wants to watch.

6. When You Find It Really Hard To Confide After A Bad Day

You're so comfortable being alone and dealing with your bad days by yourself that when he offers a shoulder to cry on, you don't know how to vent. You forget what it feels like to have someone to trust and confide in when life gets hard. Everyone has bad days, and sharing your feelings just doesn't feel like second nature anymore.

Letting someone into your life after years of being single is hard. The hardest part is accepting that being in a relationship requires sacrifice. The consequences could mean pushing someone great away from your life. You might not notice you're doing these things until you meet someone who seems to be around no matter what.