Women Share Funny, Embarrassing Stories Of Their BFs Seeing Their Periods Firsthand


I've seen just about every rom-com there is to watch and — hands down — the period playlist Ashton Kutcher makes for Natalie Portman in "No Strings Attached" is the most romantic gesture I've ever seen.

I mean, is there anything more romantic than a man willing to bake you cupcakes AND make you a silly "period mix"!? NO, THERE ISN'T.

If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it right here, right now:

There are many levels of intimacy within a relationship, but the moment your boyfriend is forced to understand exactly how terrible your period really is probably one of the most hilarious bonding moments of them all.

Read along as six brave women share the times their boyfriends really understood their periods.

He got flustered while buying her tampons.

It interrupted their date.

Years ago, I was ice skating in New York City with my boyfriend at the time, when it hit me that my period was due. I suddenly felt wet down there, so I ran to the bathroom, and there she was — Aunt Flo in all her bright red glory. Of course, I had nothing on hand, so I had to drag him to the nearest pharmacy. My exact words were, 'If I don't take care of this now, this is not going to be sexy.' I wish I were kidding. So I think I weirdly went to the Toys 'R' Us in Times Square to get pads, and I'm pretty sure they were the ones that moms wear after giving birth because it was HUGE.

— Bianca, 25

She started crying mid-date out of embarrassment.

Their first hookup had a pretty unpleasant surprise.

This guy and I had just started hooking up, and I REALLY liked him. I waited a while to have sex with him, and it was great. I couldn't believe how wet I was. I woke up the next morning and realized there was a reason I had been so wet... I was on my period. The white sheets looked like a small child had been murdered inside of them. I was mortified that he wouldn't talk to me anymore. Luckily, he wasn't a jerk, and we're in a relationship now. But man, that was a stressful morning waiting for him to text me.

— Ella*, 23

He's got her back — big time.

She had to explain to her BF how a tampon works.

My boyfriend didn't understand how tampons worked, so for a little demo, I took a super one and put it under the faucet while he was taking a shower. He was MORTIFIED by how giant it got. He gasped, 'You bleed enough to fill up that WHOLE THING? I'M SO SORRY. THAT IS HORRIBLE.' He felt so genuinely terrible for me. It was honestly kind of cute.

— Tatiana*, 23

Honestly, I found those stories oddly romantic.

From the moment you first fart in front of each other to the moment you accidentally blurt out "I love you," there are about a million simultaneously romantic and embarrassing moments in relationships. And this moment is one of them.

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