Why You'll Still Fall For The 'Bad Boy,' Even Though You Know Better

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After everything we've learned, it still seems that bad boys are Kryptonite for women.

On the one hand, we dream of having Mr. Right or Mr. "Such A Nice Guy," but then we meet a guy who's so exciting and different from what we've experienced that we dive into the relationship without really thinking.

So, why do we end up with these bad boys?

Let's take a look.

1. She feels she can change him.

How often have you heard women say, “The moment he gets a wife, he will be on the right track”?

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

For some reason, women have been deemed the rescuers of relationships, and it's almost as if they're supposed to take on incorrigible men and change them.

“He may have been to jail, but that's OK. I know how to change him,” she will say. But this is a bubble she's living in, and when it bursts, she's the only one who gets hurt.

Remember: He is an individual, and so are you. And chances are, he's going to continue doing what he's always done.

Don't attempt to tame the bull by locking its horns. Get real, and find a real nice guy to settle with.

2. Life's unpredictable, and bad boys know how to handle the edgy life.

No one can know what tomorrow brings, and if you thought bad boys knew how to manage a rainy day better than the nice guys out there, know it doesn't work that way.

Bad boys live for the moment, and good guys plan and secure the future for the two of you.

Remember: Bad boys never tell you what their next move is because they don't know it yet. It may sound spicy and adventurous for some time, but are you willing to ditch the good guy who has it all for something that seems exciting now?

3. He's the perfect escape.

Most of us have been taught to be "ladylike" while growing up.

We're taught perfect mannerisms, poise and how to dress, eat and socialize. Then, the bad boy comes around, and you see him as an escape route.

Remember: Though it's really tempting to feel attracted to the man who breaks all the norms and rules, you would be the one losing it all in the end.

Your future and long-term goals probably aren't aligned, and this could be disastrous for you down the road.

4. He's the badass trophy lover you dreamed of.

Back in college, you mistook Mr. Nice for the weak one in the herd of boys, only to realize he was the one who would have really been loyal.

He would cared for you and maybe even married you, too. He was willing to open up to you and be sensitive to your likes and dislikes.

You probably viewed that as boring or dull at the time.

Remember: The badass trophy boy you desired stays with you until his needs are met. He will only do as he pleases.

So, be honest with yourself. Being with the bad body will make you feel low and miserable, right? So don't do that to yourself.