#Desperate: 7 Ways Your Social Media Presence Is Keeping You Single

by Erin Joseph

Social media has taken over the dating world. You may be a catch, but your self-advertisement isn't portraying you as such.

Here are seven ways your social media may be keeping you from meeting the love of your life.

1. You said the 'M' word and you haven't even met yet.

If the word marriage is all over your social media, red flags are being thrown everywhere.

While marriage is a lovely thing to aspire to, it is something to be discussed at a much later date, and in private.

If you are using it as a topic of conversation and often, you're screaming to potential partners, "I WANT TO GET MARRIED AND I WANT IT NOW!"

This behavior is only acceptable if you are auditioning for a JG Wentworth commercial. It could potentially scare off future prospects and send the message that you want to move too fast.

2. You're bad-mouthing the opposite sex.

Do NOT be that person who posts every day how awful men are or how crazy women are. All you are doing is letting the world know you are scorned, and most likely not over the last person who hurt you.

You're setting your future partner up for failure by letting him or her know you're expecting him or her to hurt you and it won't work out.

3. You take too many selfies.

Nothing says, "I'm a narcissistic assh*le," like posting lots and lots of selfies. There is nothing wrong with one every now and then, but if you're posting a headshot every other day... no.

The message you're putting out is, I am self-centered and attention-seeking.

4. You breathe negativity.

If you are airing out your dirty laundry, advertising your drama publicly or just being a Negative Nancy in general, you will be single forever.

In the game of love, misery does NOT love company. People are looking for someone to be a positive influence in their lives and build them up; we could be sad all by ourselves.

5. You're posting pre-meditated self-advertising.

If you are going to post, post something meaningful and positive that lets people know what a positive force you could be in their lives without actually saying, "Hey! If you dated me, I could be so good for you because I have a good job and I am happy most of the time and I could send you flowers and I could take you shopping and..."

Yeah, don't do that either. It's equally as bad, and I see it equally as often.

6. You're complaining about being single.

You are most likely single because you are on Facebook complaining about how single you are.

If you are posting about how badly you want a partner, you're letting the world know you just want anyone and not a special someone. Desperation is the ugliest trait.

Men and women alike want someone who has his or her own life but wants to make you a part of it. If you're advertising how badly you need a significant other, stop that now.

It is the least attractive quality you could carry.

7. You aren't leaving enough mystery.

No one needs to know what you are doing every second of every day. We get it, you dropped Bob off at soccer practice and now you're going to the grocery store. You're getting ready, then going out.

C'mon, y'all, leave something to talk about on a date. If everyone knows all about you before you even meet, what is the point in dating!?

There is no shame in the game, just keep it off your personal sites that are viewable by your friends, family and colleagues.