Snapchat Sex Is The Fastest (And Safest) Way To Heat Up Your Relationship

Guille Faingold

Every person who has his or her significant other living across the pond (or across the city, state, whatever), knows you have to get creative when the urge strikes. I've had friends explain their Skype mishaps to me before, and I vowed early on to never go that route. Imagine it: You're on your bed feeling sexy, and then you have to awkwardly balance a probably outdated laptop on your balled up comforter.

It's kind of a mood-killer.

You then run the risk of knocking it off the bed, an inexplicable battery outage or worse, the camera hitting you at the absolute worst angle possible.

The last one seems particularly frightening. After all, if my screen somehow detaches from the keyboard mid-fall, at least I have an excuse for a new computer.

Snapchat is great for nude selfies for obvious reasons. Snaps (allegedly) disappear into Internet land after no longer than 10 seconds. If your partner decides to take a screenshot of your pic, at least you know he or she did it, and you can keep tabs on it/get it deleted. And of course, you can manipulate exactly what your partner sees: You can fix the angle, the filter, make it a body-only shot or even timestamp your specific location. But still, for some reason, Snapchat sex is often overlooked, if it's even known at all.

These are a few reasons you should be having Snapchat sex, even if your SO lives nearby. You can't beat the excitement of sending a surprise selfie that gets things going.

1. Initiating the convo

The best part of sending a surprise nude over Snapchat is that you literally don't know where your SO may be at the time. Obviously this poses somewhat of a risk; you don't want him to open it in front of all his friends. But the shock factor is enough to get anyone's engine going.

If you're really worried about snapping him at the wrong time, just send him a little warning text that insinuates he has a special surprise waiting for him in his messages. Add a winky face or bikini/eggplant emoji, and your SO will definitely get the gist. (You'll also feel like the ultimate teen waiting for your crush to respond, like in your AIM days, #tbt.)

If words are more your forte, getting the sext going over Snapchat is always a more stress-free bet than sending something over SMS. You get to see when he opens it, and if he responds saying he's at work, studying, etc., it's always amusing to see his reaction.

2. Throw in some storytelling

Once you get a good swap of nude snaps going, you can start adding in the text element. Snapchat is trying to make it so you literally don't need to use any other app ever again, so there's a lot to work with here. The text box of Snapchat is where you can start describing your sexcapade fantasies in greater detail.

You can cater this to your partner's liking, or use this as an opportunity to steer the convo and pics where you want them to go. Whatever you decide to say, you're sure to start seeing your SO's reaction in the upcoming pictures and videos, which is always a satisfying instant reward.

3. Videos

Again, using a consistent video stream app like Skype for sex is really more distracting than useful. But on Snapchat, you can manipulate the video you want to send. Also, the video feature can work as a kind of instant GIF interaction. You can send a separate video for a boobs-only shot, and add another for a ... more southern display.

Getting in a rhythm of going between pictures, video and text is a complete 360 experience, and can really be done any time, anywhere, depending on how creative you're willing to get.

The best part is, you can tell exactly what your partner is feeling based on which pictures and videos he decides to replay and take a screenshot of.

4. Is your partner into it? Check the replay feature.

There's nothing more satisfying than having your crush replay your snap. This is even more enticing during Snapchat sex. An instant way to feel good about yourself, while also keeping the mood alive, is by paying attention to what your partner is replaying. It's the easiest way to find out of he's more of an ass or a boobs man, and the surest way to know what to send next.

It's also a great way to let your partner in on what you're feeling. Sometimes while the mood is hot, you don't want to have to slow down by texting your partner to send a certain something. By replaying his snap or picture that you find the sexiest, he'll know exactly what worked for you in the moment.

Ultimately, while real, in-person sex is all about the two parties involved reaching their maximum climax, long-distance forms of sexting are more about what you need to stay satisfied, while also keeping up a trusted connection with your partner.

Snapchat provides the perfect opportunity to feel safe over the Internet, while also sharing a very intimate and special experience with your partner. Once you've started, the possibilities are endless.

Just try not to get disappointed the next time you open a surprise snap from him, and it's just a shot of his lunch #eggplantemoji.