Gabriel (Gabi) Bucataru

5 Signs Your Relationship Is Coming To An End, According To 23 People


There's always a moment, right? Like, there's one defining moment when you know it's over. Something changes.

Maybe you don't get the "goodnight" text you're used to getting every night. Maybe your one dinner plan keeps getting rescheduled. Maybe you can't even put your finger on what it is.

It's just something shifted, and now you know... it's over.

That moment has always interested me more than the moment you fell in love. It's the moment when you fell out of love or, even worse, when you noticed the person you loved fell out of love with you.

The concept of that shift from hot passion to cold distance has always interested me.

Maybe it interests you, too. Or maybe you're worried your relationship might be coming to its own close.

Whatever the case, read through these and see what 23 people define as the "moment" you should know it's over.

1. When your IRL dynamic is different.

— Kerri, 20

— Ashley, 24

— Miranda, 27

— AJ, 23

— Frasher, 24

— Mckenzie, 21

— Margaret, 26

2. When your partner has better things to do.

— Allie*, 39

— Rich, 23

— Taylor, 22

3. When you start worrying about other people.

— Lauren, 21

— Robb*, 24

4. When the texting dynamic changes.

— Camille, 24

— Emily, 24

— Lindsay, 21

— Olivia, 23

— John*, 21

— Anita, 27*

— Rachel*, 24

— Kaitlyn, 27

5. When you just have a feeling.

— Emily, 29

— Jamarcus, 35

— Christina, 21

Experiencing any of these five signs? Maybe it's time to have a chat with your partner.

*Names or ages have been changed.