7 Signs It's Time To Stop Living In Denial And Break Up With Your SO

by Zoya Gervis
Evgenij Yulkin

Sometimes, relationships come to their eventual end for a multitude of reasons: a massive argument, cheating or disagreements in huge life transitions, like moving or marriage.

But more often than not, a relationship ends simply because it's run its course.

In those instances, it can be extremely difficult to come to terms with ending the relationship.

But there are a few signs we can look out for to know whether or not our own relationship has ultimately reached its natural end.

So, here are seven signs it's time to stop kidding yourself and break up with your SO:

1. You fight over every little thing.

A healthy relationship requires some fighting. It shows the passion both people have for their relationship, and it's much better to release your grievances than to keep them inside, building up resentment toward your partner.

A healthy relationship requires some fighting.

While some couples simply fight more than others, that doesn't always mean the relationship needs to end.

However, if the argument pattern is changing from its typical style, and you begin picking fights with your partner over the tiniest things all the time, that could be a clear indication something is wrong in your relationship.

2. You purposely stay late at the office.

The whole point of a relationship is to spend time with your SO.

When you purposely take on more work to avoid seeing your partner, that's a massive sign the relationship has to come to an end.

3. The quirks you fell in love with now bother you immensely.

Those lovable qualities unique to your partner — the ones that made you fall in love with them — now cause you to squirm.

His snoring used to help you fall asleep. But now, you wake up wishing for earplugs, so you don't have to listen to that annoying noise.

You used to love how she ate pizza, folding it sideways and de-greasing it with a paper towel.

Now, though, you never want to eat pizza with her because her behavior annoys you.

4. Your sex life has dwindled.

Have you and your SO become so much like an old, married couple that you no longer have sex as often as you once did?

Obviously, we all live busy lives, and once you're in a committed, healthy relationship, sex doesn't have to happen every single day like it did when the two of you first got together.

But when you begin avoiding sex purposely, you know something is wrong with your relationship.

When you begin avoiding sex purposely, you know something is wrong with your relationship.

5. You plan girls' nights regularly and encourage his boys' nights often.

Relationships require balance — a balance of time spent with your partner and time spent apart.

But when the time spent apart increases and time spent together decreases, something's definitely up.

We all need time apart from our partners every now and then, but when we start to look forward to girls' nights as a constant break from being with our partner, the relationship is no longer a healthy one.

6. You start having feelings for other people.

Finding shirtless Ryan Gosling sexy and wanting to bone him is totally healthy. But flirting with a stranger at the bar during one your girls' nights out is not.

When you start seriously flirting with other people, you are most likely unhappy with your current partner.

When you start seriously flirting with other people, you are most likely unhappy.

So before you hurt their feelings and betray their trust, consider ending the relationship.

7. You don't see yourself with this person in the long run.

Dating is really just a journey to find the person we spend the rest of our lives with.

When you think about your future, is your current partner there beside you? If not, then that could be a huge indication your SO isn't your soulmate.

Dating is really just a journey to find the person we spend the rest of our lives with.

A little doubt about a relationship is normal, and none of us know what the future holds.

But if you experience doubt more often than hopefulness about your future with your SO and no longer gain any pleasure from your current relationship, it's OK to call it quits.

By breaking things off, you are free to find your soulmate — the person who will make life fun and worth being in a relationship with.