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16 Sexy Stocking-Stuffer Gifts For Your Partner That’ll Land You On The Naughty List

Santa, baby...

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If you ask what the sexiest holiday is, some people will likely say Valentine's Day or even Halloween, but here's' the thing: Depending on how you choose to celebrate it, Christmas might just give those days a run for their freaky money. That's especially true if you have a few sexy stocking stuffer gifts for your partner. You know, the kind that'll take them directly from the nice list to your own personal naughty one. In other words, these are small little gifts that inspire desire, sexy play, and really put the ho-ho-ho into holiday, if you know what I'm saying.

These can be novelty gifts that make them giggle — after all, laughter is the best aphrodisiac — or toys and products you can introduce into your playtime in front of a roaring yule log later that night. They could also just be sexy little items that show your partner just how much you care and desire them every day of the year. Whatever path you chose, one thing's for sure: Your stocking won't be the only thing getting stuffed this holiday season.

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Sexy Collar Stays

These sweet and sexy collar stays let your partner know how much you want them even when you’re apart. Talk about getting hot under the collar — literally.

CBD-Infused Lube

Give the gift of sexual wellness with this lube that's enhanced by a broad spectrum CBD and organic botanicals.

Good Vibes Only

This petite personal massager is a perfect stocking stuffer, but don’t let its small size fool you; it packs a pleasurable punch.

Kinky Accessories

Add a little kink to your Christmas Day adult play with this soft and sensual satin blindfold.

An X-Rated Card Game

This card game is full of provocative and blush-worthy questions that are perfect for getting closer (both emotionally and physically) to your partner. Whether you’re hoping to have more intimate conversations or encounters, this is a great game for couples all-around.

Naughty (Not Nice) Sex Dice
A Humor Book

A great sense of humor is sexy, and this cartoon book is proof.

A Butt Plug

This sexy little toy is guaranteed to put you on the naughty list. Made from soft-touch silicone, its slim tapered tip makes it ideal for both beginners or just casual play.

Cuffs & Keys

Handcuffs are a classic sexy gift idea. Even if you and your partner haven’t explored that aspect of your relationship yet, this can be a fun nudge toward exploring BDSM.

The Hottest Q&A Ever

These erotic cards are a great way to really crank up the heat with some provocative questions that spark desire and create even more intimacy with your partner.

This Sensual Bath Ingredient

Think you can't get any sexier than a candlelit bath with your holiday babe? Drop this bath bomb in the tub and let it do its thing. With the fragrance of ylang-ylang (believed to be an aphrodisiac) and infused with 60 milligrams of CBD, this soothing and arousing bath bomb will help you get in the mood.

A Red-Hot Romance Novel

Jasmine Guillory’s steamy romance books are a fan-favorite for a reason. And Party of Two, a New York Times bestseller, is a great example of her work. It has the perfect rom-com mix of great dialogue, compelling characters, and (of course) plenty of hot-and-heavy scenes. What’s better than a reading date that turns you on?

Getting Spicy

Cooking together is an awesome date night option, but there are ways to make it a little hotter (and I’m not talking about cooking temperature). Try this aphrodisiac cookbook to spice things up — literally and figuratively.

A Dirty Gift Swap

Giving your partner a steamy coupon book is cute, but giving them some naughty tokens takes that to the next level. Plus, they’re reusable, so you can trade ‘em as long as your heart desires.

Embracing the naughty list this year has never been so hot.

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