7 Struggles All Sexually Uninhibited Women Know To Be True

by Gigi Engle

PSA: Women like sex; in fact, we love it. We can’t get enough of it, and guess what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

We’re constantly being told that sexual openness and sexual exploration makes us ladies “slutty.” We’re in an ever-changing world where sexuality is certainly becoming more widespread and fluid.

But, there is still a mark of shame on the woman who openly expresses her sexual desires and goes out into the world to delve into her sexual curiosities.

With 25 percent of women reportedly experiencing cyber bullying and slut-shaming still being a very pervasive societal threat, there are serious hurdles we must overcome in order to accept our natural urges and embrace our human passions.

These struggles are part of a paradox, living in a conflicting mindset of wanting to be a sexual being without being labeled a whore. We’re in our 20s; we’re supposed to be experimental and free. We’re supposed to be discovering ourselves, who we are and what we want.

And yet, these archaic notions of females within the social framework that surround us are constantly holding us back. One day, we will hopefully live in a world where people are completely free to be themselves, without fear of judgment or public shame.

Until that day comes, here are seven struggles the sexually uninhibited Millennial woman faces:

You’re horny at the most inappropriate moments

Whether at church with your man’s family or at Sunday brunch with the girls, your sexual desires seem to always be creeping up on you in the least ideal moments.

This is not to say that you’re not ready to go all the time because let’s face it: You are always on like Donkey Kong. But it can be extremely awkward when you’re supposed to be attentively listening to your BFF whine about her horrible boss when all you can focus on is how you want to get into bed.

You’re a frequent sexter

It's a little nerve-wracking when you’re sitting at your desk and trying to resist the urge to send a standard, “I want you” text to the boyfriend -- or, um, to whomever.

You definitely don’t want to realize one of your coworkers is accidentally looking at your phone screen while you’re up to no good; though, it’s pretty innocent stuff.

Also, no lack of inhibitions is going to alleviate the creeping fear that these risqué messages may come back to haunt you in the form of viral Imgurs following a nasty breakup somewhere down the road.

As free as we are, we still don’t want to be publicly slut-shamed.

The amount of sex you need to stay level is exhausting and time-consuming

If you could spend as much time thinking about creative projects rather than thinking about sexy scenarios (or as much time at SoulCycle as you do between the sheets), you would probably be way more productive.

The sexually uninhibited female is certainly a shark in the workplace. Combine that with a panther in the bedroom, and you are going guaranteed to need several Americanos to function like a normal person the next day.

Your boyfriend says “no” to sex

This can be a major bummer and really do a number on your self-esteem. You’re a beautiful, sexy woman, so, why doesn’t your boyfriend want to jump you every chance he gets?

Sexual rejection is one of the worst kinds of rejection a female can face. No matter how confident you are, it sucks to be told no, especially when you’re in such a vulnerable situation. Everyone wants to feel desired.

It’s important to remember that your man can only physically give you so much. Unlike you and your insatiable sexual prowess, men can only “go” so many times. So, don’t fret, girlfriend; he knows he’s one lucky son of a bitch.

You feel like your open sexuality is socially unacceptable

As a sexually open female, you want sex and you ask for it. This may come off like you’re being too upfront and forward about your desires. It’s frightening to put yourself out there like that, especially when you're unsure of how your partner is going to react.

You’re afraid to be labeled a slut, and that’s normal, but doesn’t make it right. Society tells us we’re supposed to be “good girls” and not throw our sexuality right out there into the open.

F*ck society. You are a sex goddess, and you have no reason to let anyone feel that your actions are anything but normal, healthy and human.

You feel like you emasculate your boyfriends

Because you’re naturally aggressive and basically insatiable in the bedroom, you sometimes wonder if you’re making your partner feel like he's not living up to your standards.

He may or may not feel that way, but your needs are your needs and he should be willing to satisfy them to the best of his ability without feeling like less of a man.

If anything, make sure to remind him how awesome it is that he has this effect on you. Even if this is your natural state, this little exaggeration will help boost his confidence.

You want to try new things

You love the idea of new, “adventurous” things, like sex in a limo, handcuffs and chocolate syrup kinds of adventurous things. The problem is that it’s hard for women to be comfortable voicing these desires.

It’s crucial to find someone you trust in order to be able to bring up these kinds of COMPLETELY NORMAL curiosities. And maybe they’re things you’ve tried before and would like to explore again.

Speak up; you have nothing to be ashamed of. Embrace the inner kink and explore your sexuality while you’re young and alive.