Your Selfish Hook Ups Will Not Matter In The Future

by Anonymous

Hook-ups are the sexual equivalent to smoking a cigarette, a quick fix that you know is bad for you but you probably don’t care. And much like any other vice you do it because you can. In a world where people use #YOLO to validate their actions, the hook-up may be the ultimate expression of living for the now.

I definitely wouldn’t say this is a bad thing, as we’re all adults here and we can do what we want. Problem is while you’re living in the present you may not be thinking about the future. As time passes we like to see the things that we did in the past as things that contribute to who we are now. What you need to realize is that past hook-ups won’t be one of those things.

As you age, the hook-ups you’ve had will lose their novelty:

I must admit that when you are young, talking about your past hook-ups can be pretty hilarious and maybe even make you feel a little proud. Every girl can remember a girl’s night where someone drank from a guy’s tab all night and then drunkenly made out with him. Stories like that are funny, but only for so long. The novelty factor of your hook-ups has an expiration date and it will come quicker than you think it will. Keep in mind, no one wants to hear grandma recount all the scandalous fun she had in college. As you grow older and all the “fun” times you had are beginning to seem not as great as you thought they were, you could start to see those moments as kind of worthless and therefore wasted.

Hook-Ups are a waste of time:

Speaking of wasted moments, time is precious and you won’t ever get a second chance to relive the time you’ve lost. Some of us won’t truly be able to grasp this until we grow older. Now most of us have probably had a fair few hook-ups, whether they were drunken make-outs or full-fledged one night stands. If you add up all the time you spent participating in those hook-ups it would likely total up to a substantial amount of time. You could have used that time for something so much more important, or at least way more important than a hook-up.

Realize the value of your time now and stop spending it on trivial people. And yes anyone not willing to get to know you, but will still sleep with you, should be considered trivial.

Your Hook ups won’t remember you:

Did I mention that the people that you wasted your precious time on won’t even remember what you look like 3 years from now? No really, they won’t, especially if your one-night stand ended with one of you less than satisfied. And if you are someone like me who has a planet-sized ego, you will want them to remember who you are!

Furthermore, the moment you set foot into their bedroom they’ve already negated you to simply a toy for them to use. You should never be anyone’s toy. Although, this for some is fine as you were probably thinking about them the exact same way, but let’s not kid ourselves. Your “time” together will not be burned into their memory, nor will they even take one second to think about you after you put your clothes back on.

Meeting the right person will make them seem pathetic:

Meeting the right person can change your lifestyle and usually it will be changed for the better. Great relationships can produce a fulfillment and happiness that is unmatched. When you are in a relationship, the sex will be better! The sex will be better with your partner rather than with a hook up, because you both actually care about each other.

Not only will you have endless chances to find out what you and your partner enjoy, but you will also be more comfortable making you more willing to push the boundaries. Not to mention your life will feel more fulfilled than it was before. Once you have experienced that kind of love, all of the hook ups you’ve had in the past will seem stupid.

Trust me, there will be no comparison between your significant other and the frat boy you slept with one night back in college.

Samantha Nelson | Elite. Photo Credit: Tumblr