This Woman Got Fed Up With A Guy's Unsolicited Nudes, So She Sent It To His Mom

by Candice Jalili
Rebecca McGregor

Unfortunately, unsolicited dick pics have become something that actually happens in our society... pretty frequently, in fact.

Rebecca Mcgregor, a 21-year-old lingerie model, is all too familiar with the problem.

The young model's inbox is constantly flooded by unsolicited sexual messages — and yes, even nudes — from creepy dudes, like one guy who just dove right into sending her a d*ck pic or another guy who was just WAY too confident.

But finally, Mcgregor had enough.

When a guy named Glenn started bombarding her with unsolicited nudes, she tried her best to handle it like she normally does. Basically, she tried to follow the advice she normally gets to just "ignore" the disgusting messages.

She tells Elite Daily, "I have tried other things to stop receiving these pictures, such as ignoring them, changing privacy settings (even though I shouldn't have to ruin my business by not having the pubic see my work because a few perverts can't contain themselves), keeping accounts such as Snapchat private to friends I know, and adding to my profiles to not send me these pictures."

She's literally tried everything. But Glenn kept persisting.

With her back against the wall, in possibly the most effective move yet, Mcgregor decided to get this guy's mom involved.

Yep, she literally sent a (censored) screenshot of his dick pic to his mom.

She explains that it really was her "last option," but clearly, desperate times called for desperate measures.

She posted the exchange along with the other harassing messages she regularly receives in an attempt to raise awareness and hopefully inspire other women to take concrete action against these creeps and perverts, rather than just "ignoring" them like we're so regularly told to do.

Mcgregor says, "Hopefully, we can all start talking about it more, and stop the opinions of making it 'normal' or 'acceptable' by telling people to 'just ignore them'!"

Let's all use Mcgregor as a powerful inspiration to take action against all the creepy dudes sliding into our DMs.