Why You Should Date Someone Who Lives Abroad And Inspires You To Travel

By Misha P.

For those who have yet to get the memo, gold digging is out of style. Not only has it become a social taboo, but I imagine that the generous age gap that prevails in relationships rooted in money often leaves something to be desired between the sheets; personally, I prefer to date someone young enough to only require an oxygen mask in case of a drop in cabin pressure.

And since the breadwinner in these situations is often the man, gold digging consistently encourages gender stereotypes; sugar mamas, at least for now, are much less common.

Fortunately, there’s a new trend in the dating world that’s picking up steam quickly: place digging is the new gender-blind, socially-acceptable romantic currency, whereby your number-one asset is no longer how many bills you have in your pocket, but where you’re from.

There are several reasons many have already started to subscribe to this new dating philosophy — not having to worry about the pharmacy’s stock of denture adhesive is only the tip of the iceberg.

With low-cost airline routes and last-minute deals that constantly pop up, traveling has never been more accessible. Wanderlust is now an epidemic and dating someone from an interesting place is like hitting the jackpot.

Getting involved with a guy or girl from an exotic location almost guarantees you an invitation to that South American island, European Riviera or African coastline in the near future.

And despite my evident personal preference for sun and beach combinations, place-digging has an equal-opportunity policy: There is a market out there for metropolises, rainforests, deserts, winter destinations, you name it.

And in case you’re from some remote village boasting little more than an abundant windmill population, someone, somewhere will find that to be exotic, too. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if your windmills are located in the vicinity of, say, an Alp of the Swiss variety.

In the context of place digging, being “swept off one’s feet” gains a literal definition as the point is to actually head somewhere on a plane.

While getting to your destination may be at your own expense, once you’ve arrived, you can cross "accommodations" off of your list of concerns. If there is also a grandmotherly figure in the proximity who is eager to feed you, all the better.

But room and board aren’t the only reasons to date someone abroad. When it comes to sightseeing, you’ll have your very own tour-guide-with-benefits who’ll let you in on all of the city’s hidden wonders that your copy of "Lonely Planet" inconveniently left out.

What’s more is that dating someone who speaks a different language provides you with private language tutor.

If you’re lucky, yours will have creative ways of teaching you how to trill your Rs should you require extra-curricular tutoring. After all, languages are best learned in the bedroom.

And the best part of place digging? It’s an exercise in reciprocity. After coming home with suitcases full of souvenirs, and underwear full of sand, snow or hay, it’ll be your turn to play host and conjure imaginative ways to promote your city, language and culture.

Just make sure you’re following someone halfway across the world for what’s written on their passport, rather than in their bank statement. You wouldn’t want to be shallow.

Photo via Instagram