Why The Person You Choose To Be With Should Constantly Inspire You

People always ask me what I think the most important aspect of a healthy relationship is. My first thoughts always run to sex, of course. But that’s only part of it. In fact, it’s only a part of a much bigger need of ours.

Being in a relationship isn’t easy. It seems as if it might be easy in the beginning, which is why it hits so much harder when the difficulty comes out of nowhere. Human beings can be very confusing creatures, even in their own eyes. We often feel lost or confused about what we feel and about what we ought to do with our lives and relationships. It gets especially difficult with relationships because the best ones often involve strong emotions and irrational thought.

Being a person isn’t easy in itself. Throw in two confused souls and things are bound to get messy from time to time. Many relationships can’t weather all the storms. This is why it’s crucial that there be something about the individual you are with that keeps your focus off the bad, difficult and confusing moments. You need a partner who inspires you.

Inspiration, I believe, is not only the key to a happy relationship, but also a key to general happiness in life. When we feel inspired, we feel alive. We feel elevated and excited. We feel, which can sometimes be a refreshing change from the mundane nature of every other day. If you want to live a happy life, you need to live an inspired life.

You can and should be capable of inspiring yourself. Your goals, your dreams, the things you love to do, the people you love to see… Everything around you can act as inspiration. Nevertheless, being inspired is not always as simple as looking around you. Often we find ourselves at a complete lack of inspiration, no specific reason to get up out of bed and live today. Sometimes we could use a little boost. This is where relationships play a major role in our lives.

The only true purpose, or rightly purpose, of relationships is to inspire your lover and for you to be inspired in return. We should do all we can to inspire the person we are with, and in return, our partner should do his or her best to do the same for us. The more naturally this inspiration occurs, the more “chemistry” you have and the more likely you are to stick it out for the long run.

This is what love is all about: your partner inspiring you every day to be the best possible version of yourself. A partner inspires you to be better, to do more with your life, to follow your dreams, to be passionate, to do all those things you never planned on doing on your own. He or she teaches you about life by simply living his or her own. The perfect relationship is the one that never fails to fuel inspiration.

A person who inspires you will never get boring. You will never be able to completely figure out this person and he or she will always continue to amaze you and spark a self-motivation within you. This person will make you want to live more, better. He or she will make you appreciate life in ways you’ve never appreciated it. This person will bring about experiences you could have never imagined. He or she will give you life, a life that could never have existed if you hadn't met. The right person for you is the person who inspires you without even trying, but instead, by being.

If you settle for anything less than the inspiration of your life, you will eventually realize that whatever it is you have is not enough. You can’t live a happy life without inspiration. The tricky thing about people is that if they don’t inspire you, they leave you uninspired. They demotivate you; they leave you with nothing to aspire to.

We are creatures that constantly need to be growing and moving in order to feel alive. When our relationships restrict the pleasant experiences we have, when they make us feel worse, when they fail to inspire us, they ruin us over time. Inspiration is what fuels strong and healthy personal growth. Without it, you will feel stagnant. Without finding a person who inspires you, your relationship will feel stagnant. That’s when you feel you've hit a wall and decide to call it quits. It’s inevitable.

Photo via We Heart It