Why It's Okay To Be 'Too Good'

by Courtney Clare
“You think you’re too good for me?” he asked spitefully as we were in the middle of the end of our relationship. “Yes,” I answered simply.

Because the fact of the matter is, I am too good to be cheated on. I am too good to have my feelings met with rolling eyes. I am too good to settle for someone with no manners and no ambition.

Today, it is largely considered snobbish to deem yourself “too good” for something or someone. I, however, challenge that notion. I say it’s perfectly okay to keep your standards high and consider yourself too good for something or someone that does not meet those standards. In fact, not only is it okay, but it’s also a healthy and necessary part of life.

Let’s face it: if you hold yourself to high standards, which is a commendable quality in any individual who does not sell him or herself short, not everything or everyone will meet those standards. If you respect yourself, and you set the bar high for your life’s expectations, then it is inevitable you will come across things and people that you are, simply, too good for.

And that’s okay. It’s healthy, and it doesn’t make you a snob.

If there is something in your life, be it a friendship, relationship, job, lifestyle, etc., which is making you compromise your principles, then walk away from it. Being able to recognize your worth, and being able to walk away from a situation that compromises that worth, is not a sign of snobbery. Rather, it is a sign of self-respect.

Why should you bring yourself down to a level that, to be quite frank, you’re well above? Why should you compromise your integrity for anyone or anything that puts your value on the line?

The answer is simple: you shouldn’t. You shouldn’t bring yourself down a level; you shouldn’t compromise your integrity.

If you’re too good for something, then stay too good for it. Stay on that upper level, preserve that integrity, and keep those standards high - you’re worth it. And let me be very clear, if you’re in a situation that is degrading to you, to your values, and/or to your goals, then you are too good for that situation.

Remember to keep yourself above anyone who treats you as lesser than you are. If you deem yourself too good for someone or something, it is out of self-respect, not snobbery.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr