How To Find The Perfect Lingerie That Won't Clash With Your Wedding Dress

by Gigi Engle

Ladies, ladies, ladies. It is wedding season, which means a lot of you hot mamas are on your way down the aisle to marry the man of your dreams.

This is all wonderful news. I'm happy for you. Bae, if you're reading this, I sent you like five engagement ring options at various price points.

While you may be overjoyed at your choice of dress and really feeling like the Beyoncé of brides-to-be, you're forgetting the most important thing: your wedding lingerie choice. What's underneath the dress is even more important than the dress itself, in my opinion, because it's the first sexy thing your new husband is going to see you in. It is the last outfit you'll wear before heading to pound town as a married lady.

We all know you're not a virgin anymore, but you're a virgin to married sex. Let's make the most of it, shall we? Let's make sure you wear the sexiest, most fabulous underwear invented so you feel like the confident temptress that you are.

You may be married now, but the sex will only get hotter if you do it right. Strap on your garters, ladies, because Auntie Gigi is taking you on a little journey. No matter what kind of bride you are (because we all fit in a box, right?) I have a great lingerie choice for you.

Go forth, purchase your underthings and prepare yourself for matrimonial peen.

A boho bride needs simple wedding lingerie.


If you've gone boho, you're probably getting married on a beach or somewhere equally earthy. That sounds really cool. Thanks for the invite. Anyway, if you choose to do the bohemian-chic thing, you should keep your lingerie simple and girly — without being TOO girly, you know?

Unlike a real bohemian girl, you should probably wear underwear. I'm just sayin.'

Your dress is light and airy, so your lingerie doesn't have to suck in any of your least-favorite body parts. A simple, pink lingerie set is both sexy and sticks with the theme of the beach/festival/mountaintop wedding.

Classic brides can spice things up.


Just because you're a classic bride doesn't mean your lingerie should be. Since you've opted for an elegant dress, get a little naughty with your undergarments.

That doesn't necessarily mean hoisting yourself into a black leather bustier, but a sexy lace one piece isn't off the table. Just be sure the material of your dress is thick enough to hide the black -- if not, just buy it in white. Simple.

It's about feeling super hot without being too overt. Your husband will be surprised when you take off your ladylike dress, only to reveal this naughty gear beneath.

Cool brides don't wear neutral undies.


The cool bride DGAF, and I respect that. I have every intention of getting married in a crop top, so props if you go two-piece. I respect you. The cool bride is not a gal who just throws on a garter belt and a matching lace teddy before calling it a day. Screw that, the cool girl says

If you're a cool bride, make your lingerie cool, too. Wear separates, pairing fun colors like teal and mauve. A word of warning: Be sure to wear a slip if you're going with colored lingerie. As cool as you are, you don't want to be the flasher bride showing off a red thong on her wedding day.

Let your freak flag fly, because you're cool and that is what cool brides do.

Romantic brides keep it lacy underneath.


If you're going full-on graceful fairy princess, your lingerie choices need to follow suit. You can't wear ballgown, only to be rocking granny panties underneath the spectacular façade.

If you've picked a wedding dress that forgoes the classic white in favor of a subtle pink or cream, choose white lingerie. You skipped being a bride in white, so why not be a bride white lingerie?

The color is less important than the style. If you're a romantic bride in frills and lace, choose simple, beautiful underwear to compliment your overall esthetic. Leave tie-dye bustiers and red leather corsets to the other brides, because you're a classy lady today.

Casual brides can play up their lingerie.


If your bridal gown is simple and chic (a la Carolyn Bessette),  you have a chance to really wow your hubby with lingerie. Have fun with it. Show your quirks.

A pretty one-piece romper will offset your casual dress and make for a sexy surprise. Choose something that makes you feel beautiful. You chose to wear something casual, but that doesn't make the outfit boring.

A casual bride sure doesn't have to feel that way in the bedroom. Lace it up, girl. RAWR.

Vintage brides don't take any shortcuts when it comes to bedroom gear.


With a vintage theme on your wedding day, you're essentially traveling back in time. You have a thing going on. All the Gatsby sex appeal you've created will be spoiled if you don't have the full look on point.

This means skipping the sexy, over-the-top lingerie and sticking with vintage classics. Of course, I don't mean dressing in your grandma's negligee. Sex it up like the flapper girl you are. Choose a lacy, feminine bustier and complementary, high-waisted undies.

Honey, you'll look like a real glamour girl.