Guys Reveal 19 Things You Can Say To Make Them Finish Quicker, And Trust Us, You’ll Want These

It's fair to say that men usually aren't looking to finish quicker during sex, but the person on the receiving end of their penis may have a different opinion.

That's not to say you're not enjoying yourself. Just sometimes, things can feel like they're carrying on longer than a Lord of the Rings installment. You can start to feel sore. You can start to feel bored. You can start to think about so many things better than sex... like a Cheesy Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell, for instance.

Hey, it happens.

So, in the case of looking for ways to get your guy to come post-haste, look no further.

A handful of gentlemen took to Reddit in response to a woman's questions about words and phrases that could be used in bed to get your guy to finish faster.

While some are pretty honest admissions, others (like one that references a goddamn legendary sea monster) are more on the outrageous side.

You've been warned.

Some quality grunts and moans usually get the job done.

This guy likes it when you push his "buttons."

Men are never big fans of following the rules.

Quoting SpongeBob Squarepants is a surefire way to make any guy blow his load.

These two dudes are all about having a landing zone for when they finish.

We're on a deadline here, people.

There's nothing like some political talk to make a man come instantly.

The best kind of nut is the one that has the potential to have you hiding naked under your partner's bed.

General approval from their partners is all it takes for these guys to finish.

The shear mention of a giant squid would definitely make me come, run, and hide forever.

Some gentlemen prefer it when you take control and command what you want.

Like I said earlier, sometimes, you just can't help but get hungry.

Nothing will turn a guy on faster than if he knows his partner is living their best life because of him (and his appendage).

This may be the one time in bed that a guy is fine with using teeth.

Finding out you're the "other man" is usually a reason to get off and get out.

Sorry, but this transaction is non-refundable.

When in doubt, pay attention to the testicles.

Your wish is my command.

Wait, so that is what's been licking me all this time?

Every once in a while, you just have to do what it takes to consider your mission accomplished.

Sure, this is way more than just your average dirty talk, but when are SpongeBob quotes not applicable when it comes to talk of your sex life?

Don't @ me.

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