The Underwoods From 'House Of Cards' Give Some Pretty Good Relationship Advice

by Tara Bowlin

My boyfriend and I are completely obsessed with “House of Cards.” Currently, we are still on the second season, and we watch every episode together.

After watching a scene the other night with Frank and Claire Underwood, my boyfriend said, “See, we need to have a relationship like them.”

Sure, the Underwoods have plenty of attributes I would never want present in my relationship, namely unfaithfulness, but for the most part, I can understand where my boyfriend was coming from.

Frank and Claire have definitely provided Generation-Y couples with a few tips on how to be a successful together:

1. They push each other to be the best versions of themselves.

The Underwoods are known for the nightly runs they take together where they challenge each other. Also, Claire encouraged Frank to stop smoking when he became vice president for his image and health. Frank also often gives Claire business advice for CWI and encouraged her in the bill against sexual assault.

Couples need to be able to see the best qualities in each other and help to bring those features to the forefront. They need to be able to respectfully communicate with each other without either party getting offended. Most of all, those in relationships need to respect one another’s opinions and advice.

2. They are loyal and defend one another.

Okay, besides the affairs that Frank and Claire have had, they have been loyal to one another for the most part. When Claire’s rapist was present at an event, Frank was ready to come to her defense. When Raymond Tusk was attacking Frank, Claire set out to destroy him.

Those in a relationship need to be sure that their significant other will stand by them through thick and thin. When something goes awry, couples need to come to each other’s defense instead of just being another person trying to cause chaos.

Successful couples do not let anyone tear down those they love.

3. They make sacrifices for one another.

Frank’s discomfort with Adam Galloway at Claire’s fundraiser was evident, but he knew that Adam’s photos would help Claire raise more money. Claire gave up seeing her sexual assault bill all the way through because she knew that in order for Frank to become vice president, the bill would have to die.

Like the Underwoods, couples need to keep focus on the big picture so neither are afraid to make a few sacrifices along the way and both can reach their full potential of success.

4. They are 100 percent honest with each other.

Frank and Claire have no room for any dishonesty in their relationship and tell each other everything -- even what might be hard to hear. This open sincerity allows them to completely trust each other, and in a relationship, trust is key.

It may be difficult to let someone else in all the way and to be open, but if you want your relationship to succeed, there can't be any secrecy.

As a result of the Underwoods’ honesty, they are also prepared for anything that comes their way. When your significant other knows everything there is to know about you, nothing can blindside him or her, and no lies can come between you.

The space between you that lying or omission causes is not one that can easily be closed up over time, and your relationship will eventually suffer.

Photo credit: Netflix