The Reasons Why Nice Guys Always Finish Last

by Ashley Fern

You would think being nice in life would get you ahead, but in the dating world, this could not be further from the truth. In reality, all girls like a douche bag. For some reason, we constantly reject the nice guy and wonder why we're miserable. I’ll tell you why, it’s because we all like a challenge and a nice guy is the opposite of that.

Nice guys are way too available; girls love the chase and the challenge. As much as they think they do, they don’t like a guy who will do absolutely anything and everything for them. They need someone with a backbone, not someone they can discuss their female problems with. No one ever cherishes something or someone that has come effortless to him or her. They strive after things worthwhile and everyone knows something worthwhile never comes easily.

Some women cry for equality, but many are hypocrites when it comes down to it. We all say we want a nice guy, but when push comes to shove that’s not who we are going home with at the end of the night. The behaviors and actions listed below will absolutely destroy any attraction a woman feels for you or may feel for you in the future:

Putting Women On A Pedestal

Men have this preconceived notion that women are goddesses. While we do love to be treated as such, this is not the case. The nice guy looks toward the girl as a means of finding happiness. Women sense this and label it as a form of desperation. If you are happy with your life before pursuing the girl, she will sense confidence and stability. Develop your personality before and the girl will come to you. People need to stop promoting the worship of women.


Why do women intimidate so many men? We are all people, there is no reason to be intimidated by someone you haven’t even had a conversation with. Grow a pair and approach that girl at the bar you have been eying. Chances are she has probably noticed you too. Confidence is crucial in the dating world; women can sense your fear. Even if you are not confident, fake it! It really is not that hard, and regardless, what is the worse that will happen? She turns down your proposal? Big deal, move on to the next option.


Women are not attracted to men who have more feelings than they do. Embrace your masculinity and stop being such a p*ssy. This is not to say don’t have any feelings; just have the right amount -- which is the bare minimum. It’s bad enough we have to deal with PMS, but when a guy is on his man period, that’s a whole other story. We have girlfriends for this kind of sh*t, we don’t need it from a guy. If I wanted to deal with an unnecessary overload of feelings, I’d date a chick, thank you very much.

Being A Pushover

Stop letting people walk all over you. Stand up for yourself and back your beliefs up. No girl is going to give you a chance if you do not have any convictions of your own. You need to be a man’s man. You can only be nice to a certain extent before you get trampled on. Men trigger an infatuation in women when they demonstrate their decisiveness and assertive personalities. This gives off the impression that they are leaders and not followers.

Remaining Quiet

Silence can get pretty damn awkward when trying to pick up a girl. You need to be able to talk about everything and make common ground. Do not be shy and introverted. Girls like men who are outgoing and willing to speak their minds. Do not act in this submissive manner, you are the man, you should be carrying the conversation. Use humor in a confident and attractive way. A man’s heart may be reached through his stomach, but a women’s heart is reached through laughter.