The Bookworm Is The Keeper! Why You Should Date A Girl Who Reads

by Lauren Martin

With the recent popularity of a charming YouTube video about one man's attraction to women who read, I couldn't help but think about the certain characteristics and qualities that are present in a woman who enjoys a good book. In today's society of Twitter, Instagram and "The Real Housewives," it's  a rarity to find a girl who chooses literature over reality television.

And I'm not just talking about a woman on a kindle. I'm talking about a girl with stacks of hardbacks, first editions and stolen library books. The kind whose room is filled with Faulkner, Hemingway and Chaucer. The woman who defines loneliness as a life without books.

As you head into life as an adult, there's going to come a time when you decide what type of person you're truly attracted to, what you really want in a partner. You begin to look at qualities outside of the superficial assets your younger self once sought with fierce vigor. You will suddenly find yourself looking for a woman with depth, one who can hold a conversation well past a dinner date. You want to find someone who will challenge you and amaze you. You will quickly realize that finding a woman like this is a harder feat than previously assumed. You begin to realize there while there may be a hefty quantity of women around you, there are few with quality.

Like men who hone in on a woman with big breasts or blonde locks, finding those qualities essential and part of their ideal criteria in a wife, you should begin to look at women's hobbies and interests as personality insights. While generalizing is not always correct, there's usually a better chance to finding what you want when pushing through the masses. Any man who enjoys the company of a woman who's well read will explain to you certain qualities that come with a woman of literature that aren't necessarily found in everyone else.

She didn't have to go to an Ivy league school or enjoy the perks of an elite boarding school to understand the weight of a good book, she's just drawn to them. She's a woman with idols far beyond Angelina Jolie and Michelle Obama. She has a thirst for knowledge and guidance and wisdom that can't be quenched. She finds comfort between the pages and along the spine. She's a woman of a rare breed. She'd rather stay in on a Friday night than go to the club. She's the girl who doesn't need to be around a lot of people to feel among others. She finds meaning in small things, never needing grand gestures or big surprises. She finds beauty in the details, and notices the small wonders in life.

This is not to knock women who don't read, but rather highlight the characteristics that make up a certain woman who likes a good book. It's a different type of person, a different kind of woman.

I'm not trying to say that women who don't read don't possess any of these qualities, I know they do. Of course, there are also the women who choose both, and that's okay too -- you can be sexy and smart. However, I'm talking about the kind of woman who chooses a Hemingway over "50 Shades Of Grey." So for all you lone men looking for the perfect woman, here's some reasons that a girl who reads is the best girl you can find.

She Has Principles

Books are known for their way of imparting wisdom. They are tools for teaching and molding young children into competent adults. They teach lessons of morality, courage, loss and every great meaning there is in this world. She understands the bigger points in life and will not be weighed down by small, trivial details.

She's Deep

If you're gonna spend the rest of your life with someone, you want someone who is complex. You want a girl who isn't easy to read, who isn't predictable. A well read woman has layers upon layers, ready to be examined and prodded. She has emotions that run deeper than superficial ideals. She has the words of philosophers, poets, geniuses and artists flowing through her blood. She's an old soul and a new one.

She'll Make You Look Good

It won't just be her looks that make you proud to take her out. When you find her easily socializing and impressing people with her broad range of knowledge and social graces, you will finally realize that it's about way more than looks that make a great wife.

 She's Easy To Please

She doesn't need diamonds and shopping sprees. She doesn't need the newest clothes or cars. She's a woman who understands what's important in life and what are superficial distractions. You know she won't be marrying you for your money or connections, she's only looking for what every heroine in her book is looking for: real love.

She's Cultured

The beautiful thing about books is they can take you places without you ever having to leave home. Books bring a new world, a new life and a new culture, imparting wisdom and culture on to their readers.

She Doesn't Play Games

She doesn't need to play games with you when she has a library full of characters. She uses her imagination all day, so she likes to keep it real when she's with people.

She's Not Needy

She not only doesn't need to be around her man all the time, she doesn't want to. Women who read relish in alone time, giving you both the space you need to sustain a healthy relationship. She most likely doesn't have a ton of annoying and loud friends because that's not her style.

She's Sexy

Intelligence is a turn on.

She Can Hold A Conversation

She might be the first girl you've met who you can hold a stimulating conversation with you. A conversation you have with someone as an equal, not just some girl who you have to pretend to listen to in order to sleep with later. You will be surprised by your interest in her words, her stories and not just her mouth.

Top Photo Courtesy Of: Tumblr