The 9 Things You Should Never Let Slide In A Relationship

by Taya-Maria El-Asmar

Too many people suffer from the same problems in relationships because they allow certain issues to slide. Check out these relationship red flags that should have you reconsidering your union with your partner.


Cheating happens a lot, and a oftentimes, it's not because you don't love or respect your partner. But if it's happened more than once, it’s especially not okay. Having affairs is the absolute lowest form of cheating. If you're in a serious relationship, it's sacred and should be respected with monogamy. If you learn that partner has cheated or is cheating on you, its probably time to move on. Maybe you can work things out in a few months or years, but you shouldn't let something like this slide so easily because chances are, it'll happen again.

Looking Through Your Personal Media

If your partner is looking through your phone or Facebook behind your back, you may have a serious problem. If your partner really trusted you, he or she wouldn't feel the need to look through your private messages. This is a sign that there is a deficit of trust in the relationship, and a relationship without trust isn't so healthy. Either explain that this is a breach of your privacy or run in the other direction as fast as you can.

Being Disrespectful

This can mean anything from telling you to shut up during an argument, to hanging up the phone on you, to just being rude and angry for no reason. Your partner should treat you supremely well and disrespect should not be tolerable. Extenuating circumstances, like bad day at work or fight with parents, can sometimes excuse slip ups, but if it's a constant problem, it’s time to move forward.

Being Shady With Messaging

If your partner disappears for hours on end, with no explanation regarding his or her whereabouts, you need to be concerned. If your partner constantly takes hours to respond to a single text, be on alert. Don’t expect a reply every two minutes, but do you know people who don’t check their phones for hours on end?

Being Shady on Social Media

You don't have to be "Facebook Official,” but if your partner completely ignores you on social media, uploads absolutely no photos and doesn't write on your wall, he or she could be hiding something. In the beginning stages of a relationship, this is acceptable, but if you're a few months in as a committed couple, your partner should be proud to showcase you to his or her social networks.

Handling Situations Poorly

Does he treat the waiter like dirt? Does she expect to be treated like a princess at your expense? Among his friends, is he regarded as a responsible, mature type? Is she trusted and respected among her friends? These are all important signs regarding a person’s character. Work to understand early in the relationship who the person you’re dating really is at his or her core.


Does your partner get jealous when you choose to spend time with your friends? If someone approaches you in a club, does your boyfriend turn into a macho douchebag and punch him in the face? Does your girlfriend forbid you from seeing one of your girl friends for no reason? A bit of jealousy can be cute, but when it starts to cause fights, it can quickly become destructive.

A "Debbie-Downer"

Your relationship should have relaxing times and fun times. If your partner constantly wants to stay in, do the same things over and over and is not actively trying to change up the routine, you may have a problem. Oftentimes, especially after couples have been together for a long time, relationships tend to slip into routine. Don't be a victim of this.

If you're constantly trying to spice things up and your partner isn’t down for it, maybe you should reevaluate your relationship. It can affect your social life because when you see your friends less often, you're not the same. Monotony can also affect your sex life, because the same methods will eventually grow to be, you guessed it, routine.

Overly Argumentative

Cockiness is a huge turnoff, especially when your partner is always trying to be right. If your partner likes to argue for the sake of arguing or to prove an arbitrary point and can never admit to being wrong, you're in for a life of misery. Let's face it, people who can't admit when they’re wrong tend to be childish.

If you're in a relationship that has some of these red flags, reflect on your situation. If it's worth it, work for it — talk to your partner about it and see if you can come to some conclusion. If you can’t, move on; you should be with someone who adds quality to your life.

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