This Country Wants Couples To Get Paid To Have Sex During The Workday


Per-Erik Muskos, a Swedish city official in the northern town of Overtornea, wants to give his citizens a one-hour break from the average workday to "spend time" with their partners and spouses.

Simply put, he wants to give them an hour to leave the office for a little ~sexual healing~ from the stressful work day.

Muskos, 42, believes the Swedish people are not spending enough time with their partners, and he hopes the paid time off could help to bolster people's relationships and mental and physical health.

I mean, if a mandatory hour of paid sexy time isn't going to save your marriage, I have no idea what will.

There is, of course, the concern that people will be spending the hour-long, paid "sex break" doing things other than making sweet, tender love to their neglected partners.

Fortunately, Muskos fully understands and acknowledges the concern. "You can't guarantee that a worker doesn't go out for a walk instead."

That being said, he believes his Swedish people need to be trusted to use the free hour as it was intended to be used. After all, the hour is about their health and happiness more than it is about anything.

Muskos explained, "There are studies that show sex is healthy. It's about having better relationships." And according to MailOnline, Muskos believes his motion will be passed without a doubt.


To paint you a picture of Sweden's overall vibe when it comes to working, economic research institute Coe-Rexecode found in a 2015 study that Swedish full-time employees worked the least in Europe.

While Brits worked an average 1,900 hours and Germans worked 1,847 hours in 2015, Swedish employees worked only 1,685 hours the same year.

As if Swedes need even MORE time for leisure activities in their already short work day...

But, to be honest, I agree with Muskos. An entire HOUR devoted solely to boinking your partner?! WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR?

Muskos is right. There are plenty of studies that have shown regular sex can help improve both your physical and emotional health.

If people actually use the hour for its intended, sexy purpose, the entire city could be happier and healthier.

That being said, can you imagine how much it would BLOW being the only single friend in your work clique during the sex break??

Everyone goes home to bang their partners, and you just have to sit at home, picking your nose and watching YouTube videos.

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