Are You Suffering From The Struggle?

The dating culture in this day and age is a confusing matter. You may find that it’s very easy to get that first date and an intermediary brunch or you could walk around your college campus wishing you had the opportunity to chat it up with every sorority girl in Nike tights.

For those that aren’t as fortunate as the initial situation suggests, as guys, what are we (yes, me included) doing wrong? That question(s) remains to be answered by every male young adult in America. There is a term, however, that I do find reasonable for our hefty circumstances: The Struggle. This is no airborne pandemic or social plague; it is simply the literal meaning of the word “struggle” with an application to one’s dating life.

Below are two major symptoms of The Struggle. If you or anyone you know is dealing with The Struggle, don’t be alarmed, because just like the Great Depression, this too shall come to pass.


We as the male gender are often referred to as “dumb” or "idiots”. At times this may be true, but take this circumstance: a girl has just brushed past you and your fitted suit, so you go about your business while thinking of the many reasons why she’s so attractive to you, without committing yourself to actually doing anything about it. It’s understandable.

How do we move past fright? How do we take action? One cannot answer questions as such because we are all individuals and we are not the same. Neither is the situation. If you choose to begin to live outside your head and break the cycle, good luck.

The Confidence behind Your Confidence

This is a simple concept. One who suffers from The Struggle lacks the confidence to support his desired endeavors.  In other words, are you confident in your confidence? It seems as though, most of us are not. For instance, we can walk out of Starbucks with a Macbook Air in hand alongside the utmost amount of swag. A bystander thinks you have a great deal of confidence.

However, you lack the confidence to reassure you that your confidence will get the job done with a girl waiting to get on the elevator at Bergdorf Goodman. There is no way around this symptom. It is the most dangerous of them all. It is not identifiable by the naked eye. No words or drawings can describe this affliction. Currently, there is no treatment for your “sub-confidence”. We’re sorry.

Though, many patients have reported significant progress in their fight against The Struggle. It looks like there may be hope for the thousands who “struggle” daily. Continue to fight.

Any matter, it is still up to the individual to change his overall situation to maximize his potential of getting a girl.

Jamiel Sale | Elite.